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The Rhône Rangers


It is a 2010, I thought to show him something with a little age.


Good choice.
I just checked the price differential between the 2014 Jaume 420 and the Perrin Les Haut de Julien 2014.
The Jaume 420 was £8.08 per bottle delivered, the Perrin £18.80.
The Advocate scores tell the story though, in 2014 the Jaume Reference scored 89, the Perrin wine 92 - 94. I am a huge Perrin fan, so have always bought the Haut de Julien wine; but also the 420.
In truth though, not tasted the Julien 2014 as yet, it may be 2020 before approachable.
And this next EP offer, it will be Beaucastel, Tourelles, Coudoulet and the Julien, all the way.
But the Jaume 420 is fabulous value, of that there can be no doubt.

I just checked and the Vinsobres Les Haut de Julien was offered by the Society in the 2010 EP offer. The Wine Advocate scored it at 93 and described it as “superb!” It would be terrific to hear from members who are now enjoying it - quite how good is it??


I just had the 2010 Jaume 420. I was well impressed, very well developed wine but still youthful. It had a weight and an elegance that reminded me of wines from further up north in the Rhone. Can’t ask for more at that price!


That is promising, will also crack it open this weekend (hopefully before it runs out…)


Just for the heck of it, I bought some

Perrin Vinsobres Les Hauts de Julien 2013
Chapoutier Crozes Les Varroniers 2009
Chapoutier St Joseph Les Granits 2009
Fontodi Chianti Riserva del Sorbo 2013…today.

From “other” sources to complete my Christmas comestibles list.
I have never tasted these wines from any vintage, so that will be my Christmas gift to me!! LoL
We will not be short of a good bottle this Christmas or New Year.

Be assured that I will report back to this thread after Christmas as to their quality.
The “normal” Fontodi 2013 was on this list and it was quite lovely.
The 2014 replaced it, and is a more forward vintage, but that is off topic for this thread. Smacks wrist and collects coat…! LoL

I really was hoping that a member who bought earlier vintages of the Julien wine might have posted their impressions?


Off Topic but for general interest

An idea for the Society.

I like others have purchased the Perrin Vinsobres Hauts de Julien from 2014 & 2015 or any other wine for that matter.
I can bring up the wine’s page.
But unlike some other wines the is nothing in the “other vintages” in the reviews column.
Cannot the Society make available previous reviews for older vintages.
This information may generate sales and would be useful for a wines evolution to the consumer.

Thank you in anticipation.


It always been a shame that TWS don’t stock Graillot. Luckily a local merchant did before they closed so I have a few back vintages


I tried this at the weekend. I found it a little full square, which I have found before in wines from the northern cote du rhone villages. Maybe a syrah thing. I think it will improve though with a bit of age.


If you have a problem finding Graillot wines then might I suggest you try Yapp Wines located i the West Country. Yapp’s are a fantastic source of Rhone wines, I might advise if you want Graillot especially in his top cuvee Guirade, you may have to purchase it EP in 6’s. You should be aware that Yapp’s 2016 EP opening offer is about to be published so ring them very soon or details. Ph. 01747 860423 I have adored Graillot, however I recently did taste a wine by his daughter Maxine, which I did not find to my taste. Little depth and made for the modern marketplace, it did not seem to follow in her fathers footsteps. I have just looked and they have the 2014 straight Graillot Crozes still in stock.


WS do of course have Graillot’s Moroccan Tandem Syrah, not exactly Northern Rhone, but great value imo


Okay, that found its way onto my wishlist. Looks a safe bet, worst case is coq au vin.


In my experience (twice) it (the Graillot Tandem) is a decent wine, and even if you don’t like it, doesn’t break the bank.

On the original topic of what Rhone to drink this Christmas, I am thinking of opening CdP Bosquet des Papes Chante le Merle 2007, plus some Cote Rotie 09 and 10.


Marc C
I think that there may be crossed wires here.
I have never tasted the “Tandem” wine.
The wine I was refered to that was not to my taste is called “Equinoxe” and is made by Maxime Graillot.
I found it very light which was surprising for a 2015 and no where near her fathers normal style. I have consumed his cuvee normale and his Guirade for over 2 decades, never had anything close to a bad bottle and in my mind on his day, his wine is at the very top of the Crozes tree.


I was replying to the two posts above mine - I think that yours is the one above that? Apologies if I have clicked reply to the wrong one! Still getting used to tge layout here…


No problem at all!!


And well done to all you Rhone Rangers!!
The Perfect 10 Society Offer list has 9 of it’s wines, now Out Of Stock.
I imagine that many tables this Festive Season will be graced with Marcel’s terrific offerings, and heads turned in surprise and delight by what the Rhone Valley can provide.
For me, North and South Rhone can match the output from any other wine region on the Planet.


I have had the Maxime Crozes too and thought the same. It was nice everyday stuff but not In the league of the real Graillot.

Generally Crozes is like that, a lot of OK syrah from the flats then a few deeper richer wines from the slope, in front or behind the real hill, Hermitage.


My 2 bottles went down the sink.
I am infamous for not taking prisoners! LoL
I could not believe that in a terrific vintage like 2015, that someone with Graillot’s genes could produce a product that lacked the drive,substance and joy that I so associate with her dad.
I imagine that at some point she will do a “volte-face!!”


In the mid 1980’s you could buy from Sainsbury’s an own label Crozes Hermitage for £3.75 a pop.
It was absolutely terrific. That was the time when the legendary Allan Cheesman ran their wine buying department and had a range of own label wines that was utterly peerless. He was responsible for mentoring many of the other supermarket future heads of wine buying.
Now supermarkets are generic and ubiquitous regarding (generally speaking) their own labels, which has allowed our own Society to flourish.
It is a cause of no little dismay to me that the myriad Australian or Californian brands of little or no real distinction seem to flourish and become touted as market leaders!! And affix a competition Award Winner sticker on the bottle and they fly out through the doors.


Sainsbury’s have a Taste the Difference Crozes Hermitage for £11.00.

I’ve no idea if it is any good but just wanted to note that £3.75 in 1985 is worth £11.10 in 2017 so almost exactly the same price allowing for inflation.