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The World Cup



Now I really want Croatia to win!


Well summarised. A good campaign with a few “what ifs” and a couple of “shames” but at least the team and fans have connected again

And on the plus side I can now put my focus back on sports I like a bit more :wink:


Difficult to say how much better England were in this competition, the wins were against very poor sides and the first team of quality showed the weaknesses of England, with Alli either still not 100% fit or simply not playing well there was no creativety in midfield at all, and Kane for the second match was having to play in midfield to get the ball, he had no support from the team whether that was the plan or not it was a waste, yet Sterling was for some strange reason the favoured front man !
And no plan B at all fom Southgate as the reserves that came on played exactly the same pattern as the ones replaced.
Ah well I can go back to watching the TDF which is equally boring as the organisers insist on putting on a week of flat stages every year with endless sprint finishes, might as well shorten the stages and have a 40km criterium, the last good race was the one that started here in Yorkshire, the Giro is much better as a race and has been for years, sadly it hasn’t got the world wide coverage the TDF gets so it is normally short of the best riders.


Agree the TDF, Giro and Vuelta are all quite different races and I too groan when I see a sprint stage. TBH any sprint stage means me chatting with my wife and catching up on emails until the last 5 minutes. That said, the Tour just holds something special for me as a cyclist!


A terrific tournament for England, a shame that they were unable to take themselves into the Final.
But they brought the Country together for a little while, and that was no bad thing!!
And, of course there is next time and who knows how they might be able to build on this success!


Well done England, we’ve exceeded all expectations. They were bright and entertaining, and provided increased hope for the future .

In the end Croatia were more determined and experienced, they changed things up and we didn’t respond. Then the goals came from areas and players we know have a mistake in them, but overlook for the team good. A good team effect but the project is as yet incomplete.

Questions I have not answered myself yet.

Was Kane fit? Seemed out of sorts both last night and against Sweden. Should he have been subbed?

Is Walker’s pace etc compensation for his lack of central defending experience? Both goals came through his channel.

Where is our plan B for when teams like Croatia over run midfield? Thought we should have gone 4-2-3-1 in the second half when 1-0 up and closed the midfield
down. Hit the one upfront on the break. There are various subs which could have achieved this. As yet England have a good plan A, but not B or C.

Still hope for the next Europeans’, which on the showing of European countries at the the world Cup will be harder to win than this was!


Nothing wrong with a sprint stage it is six in a row that is boring as the race for the overall just doesn’t get started until the first mountain stage and often the last mountain stage.
And the allowing of radio communication should have stopped right at the start, the fact that breaks can be chased down because a team manager in a car watching on TV can give riders in his team information in such detail takes the the the chances of breaks surviving down to almost zero.
Brian Robinson won a tour stage all those years ago by over twenty minutes, today they would have hauled him long before he got out of reach.
As an ex track rider I can look upon road racing in a slightly different way, to me the control of the race by the big teams is out of proportion now SKY for obvious reasons have the money, but smaller teams would balance it out somewhat and the GC riders wouldn’t be towed round for most of the race as they are now.
As this is the world cup thread I shall stop, but cycling as a sport has been sanitised in many areas over the years and not all for the good.

Just to show I did ride on the track this picture is me at Herne Hill in 1960, the passage of time is frightening.


Well football isn’t coming home, but who knows in the future, anyway just in case an update of the anthem…


Am I the only person who sees an uncanny resemblance between Stan Laurel and Phil Jones?

I could say something unkind about Jones’ defending at this point but in the spirit of our collective love affair with the national team at the mo I shall resist.


I think Stan Laurels footwork is better…

" but in the spirit of our collective love affair with the national team at the mo" if you read the football forums and articles I think you will find the ‘love’ affair has been terminated and waistcoats are out.


Well this thread petered out after the play off game pretty quick…


Silence speaks a thousand words.


I actually enjoyed the final. All hinged on that VAR penalty goal. A bit fortunate for France I thought, although after what seemed like an age and a very slow replay it actually did look like a penalty. Anyway, well done Les Bleus. Best bit was the shot of the dignitaries at the end. Security made sure Vlad was well covered with a brolly during the downpour, probably a career ending move to let him get wet so with one brolly between three it was a no-brainer for them even if a bit rude to let the guests get wet!


I loved the Croatian president! Stood there in her football top, giving everyone massive hugs and generally being wonderful.


Did Micron shrink ?