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The World Cup



This is Brilliant… I’m in your camp @robert_mcintosh :joy:. I would be far more enthusiastic if there was a green white and orange flag represented, but then, there’s no surprise that there isn’t… Ireland are SHITE :smile:


I tried to read through the blur, and wondered why you thought Ireland were white (I thought they were all green) then I clicked :blush:


Well the World Cup is now properly underway. That was a fabulous game!


Yes battle of the titans, cab sauv versus Riesling. Happy neither lost.


Portugal are hardly Titans… Spain just had an off day that’s all. :wink:


OK Titan singular then. Ronaldo 3 Spain 3. And a memorable gaffe by De Gea having a real Karius moment there. Please let that be that only gaffe by a EPL goalie this tournament.


Well Spain - Portugal was worth watching though Ronaldo spends so much time watching himself on the screens it’s a wonder he remembers that he is playing football and not auditioning for a fashion shoot.
On the downside Iran - Morocco showed that the clamping down on diving rolling around with fake injuries and arguing with the ref has not happened and it was all that is wrong with football today.


Reminds me of some thoughts I had many years ago on this subject:



No particular love of the host country …

Don’t let the abhorrent actions of the present government control your opinion of the country as a whole. Russia is a great country! I have several Russian friends and have had many happy holidays there. Russian hospitality is second to none, food at its best is excellent (although their wine isn’t wonderful!). Russian music and literature. are among the world’s best, and the language is beautiful.


He also managed to drag his team to win a point against one of the best teams in world football, scoring a hat-trick and being by far the most impactful player in the game. Finding time for the preening while doing all that is worth bonus points!


Nacho’s goal in the Spain Portugal match was sensational, it was reminiscent of that great Roberto Carlos one many years ago, would make a good start for the goal of the tournament ?


I am not a fan of Australia normally because they have their own interpretation of what football is, but when I kept seeing the French go down for every little touch I kind of wanted them to at least get a point.

Amazingly Iceland did - a big well done to them.


That Iceland team is incredible. Everyone knows their job and they just pull together so well as a team. They’re in such a tough group but I wouldn’t be surprised if they get through.


A perfect definition of Scandinavian social democracy in action!
Jättebra!! :+1:


Only watching text updates while I prepare dinner but … come on Germany!


Great game so far. I’d like Mexico (or almost anyone else) to beat Germany. They’re too good!


(As Mexican commentator) GOOOOOOOOOOAL! GOAL!



Yeah, I normally go for the underdogs but Germany are my number one team. During my hazy blur that was my twenties, I spent the 2002 and 2006 world cups there, had a whale of a time and really got behind the local team. I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since.


You don’t need to justify it! But I assumed something similar, as it’s the only reason anybody could want Germany to win (apart from the Germans, I suppose).


I don’t even particularly like football - I just love the carnival atmosphere of a big international tournament somewhere big and cosmopolitan.