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The World Cup



Ah, must have been great to have been there! I got a soft spot for Germans, wherever they are.
I remember watching the 1996 Euro championship with my German friends, in halls at Sussex Uni. There was an eerie silence in the room after the Germans beat the English, and my friend Bettina ran outside to check that her car was safe from raging English fans… 'twas a good game, even for a non-football loving person such as I. :grinning:


Ah, 1996 euros. Gazza’s outrageous goal matched only by Colin Hendry’s facial expression… shame about the penalties.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As my mouse mat says …


But seriously, folks, I wish England well. Looking forward to seeing a younger team with no baggage having a good crack at the competition. Having lived in Switzerland for four years, I have a soft spot for them and was pleased with their result last night, if only to eclipse Neymar’s ridiculous coiffure! He looked more like Marge Simpson than a footballer!


My Mum was Swiss, so the cry “Hup Suisse” was not uncommon in our household.
So “ditto” there, mind you the price of their wine can cause a grown man break down and blub! lol
Was amused by the Germany result as I was in Switzerland for the 1966 Final.
I was only a kid and have rarely felt so vulnerable, the German supporters had no idea what or where Wales was!
The USA did for the Scottish on the weekend!
It still pains me when Western Samoa did for my lot, the quizzical inquiry for months after was “Really. not ALL of Samoa!!” 13 -16 was the result in the 1991 Rugby World Cup, the psychological scars still live on!?! LOL
So Tunisia tonight? England 2/5 with Tunisia 17/2.
Have they got over Iceland yet? It wasn’t THAT long ago.
Don’t watch much footie but just might make an exception this evening.
Joking aside, it would be good to see them have a half decent tournament.


It’s coming home!


That’s a very good start!


That’s a game that wouldn’t be sponsored by Amnesty…


Well that was stressful! Totally deserved the win, but it was harder work than it should have been.


Like all great scorers, Captain Kane was in the right spot when it mattered and took both chances very well. Second half was woeful compared to first half performance. Pressure off with the win…for now


Having a goal scorer like Kane is huge. Especially when the rest of the team looked like non-league players when they got within 10 yards of the goal!


On the whole I thought that was a decent performance by England tonight. They missed a few chances in the first half but overall it was probably the best I’ve seen England play in a competitive tournament match in many years. Whilst there was a gulf in terms of abilities, Tunisia were never going to be easy to beat, and they made England work hard for their chances.

I take plenty of positives for a young and inexperienced England team; their performance was better then I’ve seen from many of the teams in the world cup so far. If they beat Panama they are effectively into the knockout stages - and if someone offered me that before kick-off I’d have bitten their arm off!

A definite confidence booster - C’mon England! :smiley:


Noted. The Scots sent their secret weapon to disrupt the game. Midges!!


Made me laugh how everyone was focusing on the midges. England should have held a training camp on Rannoch Moor on a warm, humid, windless evening.


Quite enjoyed the parts of the game last night, surrounded by Welsh, Australian, Greek, Polish and even a couple of English people! It was the usual frustration and relief associated with English sport. I drifted away from football in recent years but a World Cup is a World Cup!!

I’d say roll on Sunday but seem to have double booked ourselves with a rather nice lunch. Ah well!


They sent their secret weapon in the form of the commentator on ITV whom few can understand, not an anti anyone comment but surely whoever commentates should be reasonably coherent, and as a Spurs supporterI can assure you that despite the wonderful tone you would never have put Pat Jennings in front of a mike :rofl:


Sorry Robert, couldn’t resist it…



We “JUST” missed out!
I’m a rugby, valley boy!

No matter, I still hope England have a good Football World Cup.
Shame about the last Rugby World Cup.
Who was it who did for you there?!? lol


Australia I believe :wink:


A case of tactical dementia, methinks! lol


Let’s hope Iceland don’t play rugby cos the way England are playing at the mo…