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The World Cup



We can share credit on 2015, although many would argue they did it themselves.


Did any of you win that tournament? … thought so… :wink:


The beauty of being from a small country. Don’t have to win, just have to beat England for it to be a success.


Well done then! I know you did not mean that… I also want to be able to say hello without hard feelings at the Loire growers tasting in July… :slight_smile:


Don’t. I was there. I still feel the pain!!

Also have tickets for next years World Cup - all England group games. Ironically they were purchased approximately 6 matches ago…!


I definitely left out the :wink: or :stuck_out_tongue: or whatever I’m meant to use.

But in all seriousness I would put the 03 and 15 world cups ahead of 99 in terms of achievement purely for what we achieved with the team we had. To even get close to that 03 team of England was amazing and shows what Eddie Jones can do. Unfortunately it looks like his cycle of taking teams to great highs for 2 years before crashing down is continuing.

Besides an Australian can’t talk about sport after the triple loss on Saturday and the cricket yesterday. :face_with_head_bandage::disappointed::cry:


Just be glad you have the group games and will actually see them play. @horsleym is going for semis :joy:.

But I wouldn’t be too pessimistic. My favourite saying in sport is you are never as good as you think you are when you are winning and never as bad as you think when you are losing.

Pity the same can’t be said for the Aussie cricket team.

Very jealous of your trip though. This will be the first World Cup I’ve missed since 99 and Japan sounds amazing and will be such a brilliant place for a rugby World Cup.


OMG we were in Australia when the ball tampering thing blew up. You’d have thought those three cricketers had committed murder. It was OK being a neutral observer but it was the world’s end for the locals.


It’s one thing to lose, it’s another thing to cheat and still lose :blush:

For all our many shortcomings, the typical Aussie still believes in “a fair go” and cheating goes against that.


It’ll be our second trip to Japan and we’ll be watching our favourite sport in a country we love. Whatever the results it’ll be a great trip!



Although the Aussie media recently went with an interesting “We might be cheats but at least we didn’t lose to Scotland” article. The suggestion to me is that it’s better to cheat than to lose. Always loved the Aussie media!

Feel we’re getting OT now… :slight_smile:


Magical memories ahead. As I say so jealous. The 07 World Cup in France is one of my fondest periods of my life and actually the reason I ended up back in the wine industry. Just don’t mention Marseilles or Andy Sheridan.


Argentina struggling. Maradonna is in the house, he should give them a hand :wink:


Croatia has a lot of quality. They should go far.

Rakitic, Modric, Mandzukic, Perisic all top of their game, always had a sweet spot for Croatia. Seeing Maradona cry… priceless.

I also like Messi though…


Very messy
Was the last goal the retribution of God for Maradona?


And they wonder why we don’t support them??


I asked Twitter for some #winefootballer names.
I came up with a few of my own, including:

  • Rhônaldo
  • Alan Syrah
  • Carlton Palmer
  • Spätburgunder Netzer

Highly commended among suggestions were:

  • Franschoek Beckenbauer
  • Laurent Blanc de Blancs
  • Gerd Muller Thurgau
  • Roberto di Mateus
  • Krug van Nistelrooy
  • John Arne Riesling

My three absolute favourites, though, from all suggestions have to be:

  • Alex Oxlade-Chambertin
  • Geoffhurstraminer
  • Ribera del Piero


Cantona Terlano

or would that be Eric Cantina…


Oh yes, now you’re talking !

Syrah-lex Ferguson?


Carlos Valdenrama
Sergio Ramos Pinto
Pio Cesare Maldini
Dennis Bergkamptal
Glenn Phélan
Neymarcel Orford-Williams?

Sorry, I’ll get back to work…