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The World Cup



Dele Alligote

drops mic


It seems Brazil has just scraped through… hope Serbia do everyone a favour…


Boutros Boutros Gavi, no I know he isn’t a footballer but I don’t care…


Nerello Mascherano?


Joey Barton
Roberto Firmin(t)o
Brad Jones
Nemanja Matetic


Can’t wait for England vs Belgium. That will be the real test (unless both will be resting the entire first team…).

This beer is great with early kick offs…


Yes, it was only Panama. But it still feels pretty good to have dealt with a lesser team so ruthlessly, when England typically huff and puff against them. Through to the knockout stages already, with a chance to top the group. Happy days!


I don’t particularly want England to meet Colombia in the next round. It would no doubt make for a good game, but I’d rather we played Japan or Senegal based on today’s games…


What with the Football, Formula 1, cricket, Rugby League and Union, it’s been quite a weekend of successes… and a swelteringly sunny week to come too. Here’s hoping for a quiet week at work.


I agree after last night’s match, but I’m such a dunce when it comes to football (do like watching the World Cup though) - can anyone tell me what result we need against Belgium for us to avoid Colombia in the next round? I want to know I’m cheering for the right thing… :rofl:


At the moment, we just don’t know! The deciding games for Colombia’s group kick off on Thursday afternoon, with England playing Belgium that evening. If Colombia finish top of their group, then we can avoid them by drawing with or beating Belgium. If Colombia finish second in the group, then it might actually be in our interest to lose to Belgium and play the group winners instead (which would be Japan or Senegal).

And there’s still the possibility that Colombia might finish 3rd in their group and not get through to the knockout rounds at all…


And this is what I love about tournament sport. A whole week ahead of mathematical possibilities, and “as it stands” tables. Lovely stuff


@Bargainbob Thanks for this explanation! I feel a bit less daft now, haha. So we’ll have to wait until after Colombia’s match on Thursday afternoon to know what outcome we probably want from the Belgium game! :grimacing:

Now I just have to worry about cheering on Switzerland and Sweden so I have a better chance of winning the office sweepstake…


Managed to completely miss the game and instead spend my time in the garden. Much more fulfilling.



Ditto! We took the time to finally clear the garage from masses of junk. It was a perfect time to go to the tip- there were only a few other women there, and the usual hippies.
Still, it was nice to find out that England had done so well… we could do with something to celebrate.


You’ve been warned


How close is the World Cup to our #worldcupofgrapes? WIll we end up with a Brazil (pinot noir) v Spain (riesling) final - doesn’t seem likely at the moment, and yet …

Well, for starters mourvèdre and verdelho have just qualified from group A (we had it as mourvèdre & verdicchio) and will play riesling and cabernet sauvignon (with viognier possibly spoling things for one of those) in the last 16. Let’s see what tonight holds!


That is way too complicated. My money today is on Spain. Tomorrow might be different mind you.

and for the record, I would like a free scoring England go far, even all the way!


That’s just because you’re a riesling fan!! :wink:


Between PN and Riesling there is no choosing… I hope I managed to give a lift to Riesling in the competition though.