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The World Cup



Just changed channels to watch the Germany game as could no longer listen to Phil Neville…


Goooooooooaaaaaaal! :grinning:


Goooooooooaaaaaaal! :grinning:


I hope Serbia turns up to make the day complete…


My interest in Footie is marginal at best, but in my Mum’s memory:
“Hup Suisse”


I generally prefer it when the best teams make it to the latter stages of a tournament. Remarkably, that doesn’t include this Germany team, who were dreadful! Incredible result today, and a cracking performance by South Korea.

Germany dreadful, making an early exit - England scoring loads of goals and through with a game to spare. Maybe the apocalypse is nigh?


Um, Zinfandel versus Pinot Noir. I think you have a chance, Pinot Noir is just so unpredictable. One minute they are sublime, the next it is so disappointing you realise why the Burgundians pour it in their chicken casserole!


Not sure about the apocalypse, but


Tonight it seems apt that Schadenfreude is a German word. The Brazilians weren’t holding back



Well, Belgium won the battle of the B teams. A reality check for England amidst the wild excitement that had been building up in the run up to tonight’s match.


I don’t think you should be doing our brave boys down like that! :wink: After carefully manipulating the result we wanted, it is clearly now England’s tournament to lose.


Seems to be if you believe Gary Neville!! :rofl:



Awful, awful game last night - Adnan Januzaj tore up the script, and I bet he got a rollicking from Martinez afterwards. Rashford wanted to do the same, but was simply better at following orders. Danny Rose was possibly the only player who looked like he wanted to be part of this competition in the later stages. Time will tell whether it was the right move from England - personally I don’t think so. A full team winning 3-0 would have been the better option. Momentum gone? We shall see.


I have to say that - while the game was a little lacklustre - I didn’t think it was quite as bad as people are making out. OK, for obvious reasons there were B teams and neither team were going to risk too much but both teams had some chances and I thought England showed a few glimpses of their potential (albeit only small glimpses)

I’m not too disheartened, but then I stopped getting really excited about football a fair few years ago anyway*!

*disclaimer - if England do make a half decent run in the knockouts then I have been a die-hard football fan since 1984


It’s a really tough balance though. If Southgate picked the first team and then saw Kane and Lingard get injured, Walker pick up a yellow and be suspended for the next game etc then we’d be in a far worse spot today! There’s no guarantee we’d have won either, so I think Southgate decided not to risk jeopardising the fitness and freshness of his key players in the interests of possibly maintaining momentum. I think resting players was the right call, but we’ll never really know.

We did learn a few things from the game though - in particular that Southgate has got his first team right. Rose was really good going forward, but was massively at fault for the goal and Young has been much more solid; Rashford fluffed his audition with his missed chances; Dier was slow and ponderous in the middle. Loftus-Cheek didn’t do his chances any harm, but Alli will slot straight back in when fit and offers much more of a cutting edge.


As a Spurs supporter I do find it difficult to see Dier as an international player and last night he wasn’t, Rose apart from his faux par was decent, but you again have to remember that Rose and Walker when he was at Spurs were very good attacking wing backs but not that clever at defending.
As for the eulogising in the press over Maguire and Henderson they must have been watching different players, again not at top level football, we do lack that driving force that top teams have in mid field but then we have for a long time, still not long to find out the truth as how good they are.


After some heavy duty gardening this morning, looking forward to relaxing in front of Sauvignon Blanc versus Syrah this afternoon. Ordinarily I would vote Syrah in this contest but the weather cries out for a nice chilled white. Allez Les Bleus!

Then the heavyweight Mourvèdre v Cabernet Sauvignon this evening. This could get very ugly indeed!


I am not much of a football fan, rugby, cricket and NFL; yes!!
But tonight I shall put my prejudices aside and wish England “All the VERY Best!”
I really hope that they do well.
It would be terrific for the UK if they went deep into the competition.
But please, no ad nauseum of 1966 all over again.
Not to decry '66 but the rest of us have had that one stuffed down our throats for half a century! lol!
Time for achievement in a new age of footie and England are in the easier side of the draw
And if it doesn’t go well, England (& Wales) are playing India in the 1st Twenty/20 march this evening. That should be fun!
So what libation to accompany the sport?
Some minor fizz, possibly a decent Cava.
Maybe a bottle of Setilles with a reasonable chill on it.
Or possibly a Beaujolais.
Or even some Stella!!
So nothing too serious, this isn’t a semi or Final!?!
The really good stuff should be reserved for the top matches.
The idea of a semi-final against Russia is too mouth-watering to contemplate or even imagine!?!


I seem to remember Scotland became World Champions by beating England in the Home Internationals in 1967 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: