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The World Cup



And who became World Champions when they beat Scotland?
But a good point, if ever so slightly delusional!! lol

But no jumping the gun.
One game at a time.
And lets see where that takes “us?!”


While I’ve (mostly) enjoyed watching England so far in this tournament, and feel a bit more positive about them than I have for quite a while, some of the press coverage seems a bit over the top. Some people seem to think we’ve got a bye to the semi-final based on our draw but I think the next two games will be really tough. Colombia look a pretty good team, and Sweden or Switzerland will be no pushover. Also, we’ve so far managed to beat 2 of the worst teams in the tournament and then lose to one of the better ones - that’s not exactly something to write home about!

Did anyone see Japan v Belgium yesterday? What a game that was!


That’s when you had decent players, Spurs famous double team had three with Bill Brown in goal, JohnWhite in midfield sadly killed by lightniing on a golf course and the greatest of all Dave Mackay, when you then add Dennis Law , Billy Bremner and Jim Baxter you have to ask what the hell has happened to Scottish football…

I was there the day this photo was taken, Bremner had just committed the last of a series of over top fouls and Mackay simply got hold of him and said enough, he hated that photo as it showed him in the aggressor role which was not the case, as Bill Nicolson said at the time he was his greatest aquisition.



The sporting press invariably build up teams and / or individuals, only to consummately demolish them at a later date. It really is their opus operandi!!
Impossible to ignore but I do my best.
Maybe when all the team is available like tonight, will give a good idea as to how far they can go.
I just hope that they have all been practicing their penalties and that they have a good plan.
Some teams tactics seem to be to defend for 120 minutes and go into a penalty shootout predicated on chance rather than skill.


Well good riddance to Columbia. What a shitty, niggly team they proved to be for 94 mins until they equalised. Not a great performance by England to be honest but they bucked the ITV curse.


Thank heavens we won. Would have been awful to go out to such a bunch of cheats. Really think the refs should tighten up on all this dissent and moaning. It spoils the game so much.


It was an ugly game. Colombia really mixed it up and it got under our skin. We looked terrified for most of extra time. We deserved it though. Bring on Sweden!


The most annoying thing is they could solve this crap overnight with a quick directive to the refs - a yellow card for any player who gets in the ref’s face, raises his voice at the ref, uses foul language at the ref … in fact, for pretty much anything other than a polite request from the captain for clarification.

Wouldn’t take that many sending-offs for them to buck up.


It was tense last night and I thought Dier was a gamble too much to bring on… but happily he delivered when it was needed most. The question is how far England can go without a proper playmaker (mind you Sweden is beatable without one… objection, asked and answered)


It was one of the directives given pre world cup but as before it has been ignored along with the mud wrestling in the penalty area, so much for directives.

From FIFAs world cup guide…

Protests against any incidents that occur during the course of a match shall
be made to the referee by the team captain immediately after the disputed
incident and before play has resumed, in the presence of the captain of the
opposing team. The protest shall be con
rmed in writing to the FIFA Match
Commissioner or FIFA General Coordinator by the head of the team delegation
no later than two hours after the match.
No protests may be made about the referee’s decisions regarding facts
connected with play. Such decisions are
nal and not subject to appeal, unless
otherwise stipulated in the FIFA Disciplinary Code.

That went well…oh and this just before the world cup…

Fifa chiefs will clamp down on players conning refs at the World Cup — and can even dish out punishments at half-time.

Ha Ha


There is still a football thing going on?


Yes, @Herbster and @cerberus, I just don’t understand why they don’t follow up these directives… Even if we had a few games of 7 or 8 a side the players would catch on pretty quick. It’s ugly and ridiculous to watch the scrum around the referee time after time.


Completely agree - it’s embarrassing

Should have clamped down right at the start - would have set the tone for the whole tournament


Last night was a particularly bad example, and while I’m not condoning the players’ actions I think the referee was at fault. When Henderson was headbutted, there was a stoppage of about 2 minutes to sort it out, throughout which he was being hassled relentlessly by the Colombian players - similarly there were 3 minutes of player protests between the penalty being awarded and taken (leaving plenty of time for Colombian players to rough up the penalty spot). He should have had his yellow card out for the protesters in both instances. Broadly speaking the referee got most decisions right in the game, but he lost control of the game with his handling of the headbutt incident and never recovered from there.


No point in castigating the Colombian team for their many infractions.
Their actions were disgraceful!!
And members here, have well documented their failings.
I doubt whether the Swedes will resort to such tactics.
After a most disappointing performance in the Cricket, the Football elevated the evening.
But the Footie on Saturday will rule the schedules, and I for one will be watching.
So good luck England, one game at a time and who knows where that might take them?
But already, this campaign has been a success, so well done for that!


It’s entirely clear to me that the goings on spoil the game, and are a direct contradiction to fair play. I do not want to watch a match like last nights again, and if football isn’t to loose its fan base it must be stopped.

Overall I thought the English rose above it. It was clear that the Colombian thought their best chance was to spoil the game and maybe get someone send off.
When faced with a gang of players protesting the ref simply need to wave all but the captain away, with a quick tap of his card pocket. Any further descent and open the pocket, issue a card. Next time its a red.

As to the head-butt, if VAR don’t know the rules, heaven help us!

Cards can be issued after the game and I hope someone is reviewing these events.


Still at least for a short time ? longer we can gloat…



If you wish to gloat, then be my guest!
The “finger,” maybe not the best way to garner fans from the other Home Nations!?!
I’ll just keep on being supportive and pretend that I didn’t see it.
Hoping for another great result on Saturday.


I don’t get it. The World Cup - the proper one, mind - isn’t till next year, and we’ll all be there :wink:


Urgently required: One egg-chasing thread :wink: