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The World Cup



I thought that, but to call it a “world” cup, much as I like watching it, is a bit disingenous, after all like the cricket only a few ex colonies play it plus some islands to make up the numbers, and when did Italy become a rugby nation, they only have I believe three pro clubs and all their best players are in France, cricket the same, the Dutch as a cricketing nation !, there are only 12 test playing nations and that includes such mighty nations as Zimbabwe, Ireland and Afghanistan who must find putting a team together difficult at the moment :rofl:


True enough! Only slightly broader than the snooker world championship, or the baseball world series…


Well done!
Brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye!!


Not forgetting, ahem, Scotland and their famous recent victory!


Cricket is a game for gentlemen played by gentlemen,
Football is a game for gentlemen played by hooligans,
Rugby Union is a game for hooligans played by gentlemen,
And Rugby League is a game for hooligans played by hooligans.
Don’t know who said it, but it’s a pretty good match. Not sure if it applies to Aussies though, they are pretty consistently good at RL. Discuss…


Pretty much applies in Aus, with the exception of cricket being played by gentleman.


A gentleman wouldn’t know what sandpaper was (that’s what the staff are for) let alone know what to do with it vis a vis a cricket ball :wink:


And I’m sure the boys in green will do well … we all know that’s the REAL World Cup !! :laughing:


Pretty much the ONLY World Cup for boys in green…



Not it would appear in our league where I chair the disciplinary committee…just had an umpires’ report from last weekend which involved someone ‘tapping’ an opposition fielder on the shoulder with his bat upon being given out, followed by grabbing his scrotum - I jest not, verbatim from the umpire, though how he could be so anatomically sure I don’t know! Already had twice as many reports as whole of last season…must be the hot weather.


Was it Vinnie Jones or were they of Antipodian origin?


The world series in baseball is often trotted out as an example of Americans pushing a sport for something it is not a world sport, but the facts are it was named after the original sponsor the New York World newspaper…


Stop me if I’m wrong, but your link suggests the opposite…?

The New York World never had anything to do with the World Series, however, other than being one of the many newspapers to report the results. The modern World Series (like its predecessor series waged between National League and American Association teams from 1884-1890) was so named not because of any affiliation with a corporate sponsor, but because the winner was considered the “world’s champion” — the title was therefore simply a shortened form of the phrase “world’s championship series.”


The NFL is probably a better example of the tenuous ‘world champion’ claim. Although the championship game is referred to as the Super Bowl - nothing wrong with that - journalists and commentators regularly refer to the winners as world champions. Unlike baseball it’s not even possible to have a non-US winner!



There are other versions of how the name came about :wink: but regardless of that it is with other sports such as rugby and cricket , yes and others, a rather tenous link with all these sports to have the prefix “worlds” in front of the competition it’s bad enough that the six nations let in Italy who have won about two matches in all the years they have been in the competition, not their fault they should never have been let in just to make up an even number.
Now how about world championship ski jumping another universal sport, or that peculiar martial arts thing they let into the Olympics for just one games and only played by about three countries, if there is money to be made out of it they will manage to pre fix it with a world title.

And now Uruguay are out, looked a bit below par without their star striker, and two defensive mistakes cost them, and the French have further developed the dive tactic by perfecting the art of collapsing in pain when not even near an opposition player to blame it on.


60 mins to go. Time to see what Brazil are made of - is it all stepovers and theatrics, or do they have what it takes?!

Fantastic goal from De Bruyne.


Fully deserved win for Belgium and another outstanding game! That front 3 of Lukaku, Hazard and De Bruyne is so good to watch. KDB might be my favourite player to watch. As a United fan, that’s a problem.


If any evidence required of my lack of engagement with this World Cup …

We only realised yesterday that my son’s 10th birthday party (involving running around in the dark, indoors shooting laser weapons at each other for an hour or more) takes place TODAY, between 3:40 and 5:00

I wonder how many kids won’t turn up, or don’t get picked up at the end?


If we win, I imagine you’ll be stuck with them for quite some time! :smile:

Mr Laura is working today so it’ll be two clueless females (my mother-in-law and I) watching the game on our own with no real idea what’s going on, but I’m sure that won’t stop us shouting at the telly and deciding the referee’s an idiot.