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The World Cup



Well if you like good football last night’s Brazil v Belgium was magnificent so it’s a shame if you do and you missed it. I can’t imagine that the Auld Enemy v Sweden will be half as good so one for true fans only whose prime requirement is for the right result. Having said that I do hope for an entertaining game of free flowing football! :soccer:️:black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Joe Fattorini’s tweet this morning is the single most best thing I’ve seen this whole World Cup :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:!! Well played Mrs. Fattorini …:joy:


Well done England! First half of a World Cup quarter final and my overriding emotions were calmness and a feeling it was a bit boring. Second half well played Pickford! Before the team left home our expectations were low with a hope to get out of the group and win a knock out game if possible. Now they are in the semis. Realise the draw has been kind with unexpected early baths for Spain and Germany but still a fantastic effort for a team that doesn’t (or didnt ha!) boast the best players in the EPL apart from Kane.


The second half of England’s semi final is during #twstaste
That will be interesting :wink:


I know where my loyalty lies! :wine_glass::wink:


Considering one won’t come around for at least 4 years, I also know.


Depending on the state of the game there could be quite a lot of drinking and very little comment!


Sadly Ewan you have just lost another of those Scottish greats, Jimmy Greaves said he was the finest player he played alongside.

Just wanted to add, I saw him play at Spurs alongside Greaves and co, an amazing header of the ball, Greaves once said to him why are you losing your hair so young, Gilzean replied because I do all your heading for you ! never looked like a footballer but he was a very good one.


I remember him well - had him in my First Division sticker book for the 1969-70 season …
… and he regularly featured with Spurs on ITV’s Star Soccer / The Big Match. Silky skills.
(Local footnote, he managed Stevenage Athletic for the 75-76 season as they went bankrupt before their current incarnation.)


Well it wasn’t the most exciting game in the world but the standard was very high tonight. France look quite scary. Griezmann and Mbappe can trouble anyone, and they are just so solid and well drilled that they’re going to be very difficult for England or Croatia to beat.

I feel for Belgium. One set piece made the difference. De Bruyne picked the wrong night to have a poor game for once.

I’m already starting to get nervous for tomorrow…


In my admittedly ill-informed opinion, tonight was the real final. The World Cup is now France’s to lose.


I think that all three remaining teams have the quality to win it. It will depend on who will turn up on the day.


Glad all the well known top teams are still in like Italy, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Spain…


No it wasn’t that exciting, Belgium looked like a younger version of Spain all possesion no goals, and it wasn’t just De Bruyne , Lukaku was poor as well, France can only play like that with those fast counter attacks if the other team plays upfield, don’t know if they will be so effective against a team that doesn’t fall for it, and the acting especially from the “star” player was a joke, is no referee going to book anyone for all this simulation, I don’t remember seeing , politicians a single player booked in this tournament for that and there is more of it than ever.
I saw Micron was in the dug out gurning for the cameras, politicians all become fans when there is a chance of a photo opportunity though in his case with the rugby team going down the plug hole and no French TDF winner since the eighties he is limited for choice.


Well, I’d love to be taking part out n TWS Taste this evening but I’m still 150 miles from my cellar. I’ll catch up on it next week

Tonight I’m supposed to be watching the football with my Mum but one of her more talkative friends came over half an hour ago so that’s not going to happen!

Chipping away at the mid week Tesco collection with football plan B:

Not bad. If I’m being picky it’s a tiny bit acidic, a touch too buttery and lacks a bit of character but it’s very drinkable all the same


Well we were not robbed. Croatia the better side in second half and extra time. We just lacked a bit of quality when it counted, and a shame we did not put the game beyond Croatia in the first half when we had our chances.

Still a successful campaign by England’s more recent tournament calamities, and probably a good reflection of where the team is. All the hype today in the media made me very uneasy. Hope they won’t be too cruel now the expected has happened.


I couldn’t agree more. We’ve got no complaints in the end. I was thinking at half time that 1 goal from a dominant first half wouldn’t be enough. Croatia’s experience and intelligence in midfield won it for them. Gutted for Stones. Great all tournament, but switched off for one second and Mandzukic scores.

I feel positive for the future though. We’ve overachieved and look like a proper team. The midfield needs a bit of work but otherwise we’re in good shape to be competitive for a while.

I hope Croatia turn France over in the final! What grape are they?


Anyone up for TWS Taste wines tomorrow evening?


Well, Malvasia Istiriana would do! :wink:


It’s an all white final. Sauvignon Blanc (France) versus Verdelho (Croatia). Who would have predicted that at the start of the comp!