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Time to Own up


I told my wife few weeks ago that we should buy a bit more pasta and passata than we usually do, she grudgingly agreed, but was mocking me for a few days for this (we also bought a bit more of dried beans). Not now. I would not call it stockpiling though… also did not jump on the toilet roll / soap (or sanitiser) bandwagon as we already had enough at home as we were regularly washing hands and wiping our arses (not in this order) even before the outbreak. Off to make pasta with beans in tomato sauce now…


Oh yes, I remember now, tinned tomatoes and passata were all sold out, so I bought some tins of cream of tomato soup, as I figured that could be a base for a pasta sauce if necessary. Not that the little ones eat anything I cook for them anyway :roll_eyes:


Also a base for chicken tikka masala


fortunately I already can’t take Ibuprofen/Nurafen so one less problem to worry about. Even rubbing Ibuprofen gel on my knee gives me stomach problems! I will stick to wine!


True! And you’ve reminded me to do a quick stocktake of the spices etc, although I think we’re pretty good in that department…


Well as I have self isolated as soon as I came back into the country I’ve had no opportunity to stockpile anything! And by the time I come out I’ll not be able or be allowed to, so I guess that decision is out of my hands.

I do make all my own bread and have a considerable supply of flour on hand as I always buy packs of 5x1.5kg bags of flour online! :smiley: I also grow most of my own veg and still have a considerable amount from last season so I guess I’m good for now.

My biggest worry is whether I’m going to be allowed to go south to pick up my mum as planned when I’m done with the self isolation. Not to mention whether our small business can survive this :frowning:

I do have plenty of wine though!:clinking_glasses:


I suspect that most stockpiling will end quite soon provided the supply chain reassurances are true. There is only so much space you can take up with some things.


Food fights? Or did you mean ‘scraping’…:slight_smile:


Indeed!! scraping was what I meant. Though food fights often occur in this house, with the amount that girl eats! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No doubt it’s related to the panic buying of penne and passata but my local supermarket was completely out of parmesan earlier in the week !


If you stockpile, do it in style, I guess - and think of the whole meal experience… :smiley:


Change to pecorino and stockpile truffle honey


oh… I thought you were not supposed to eat that… same as Chinese food… I’ll take my coat (and probably be sued / kicked out of here)


Grano Padano was available thankfully.

Hmm, truffle honey, I’ve never tried that, a google search revealed it’s good with Italian hard cheeses, it’s now on the shopping list, thanks !


Under my stairs

In my defence, I bought it a long time before covid-19 arrived here, and Costco only sell large packs.

I should also have 12li of sanitizing hand gel delivered today. My excuse there is that I could not find it in smaller quantities - none in shops, and fleabay-order failed to arrive. And I will be offering it to others at the price I paid, so it is really a community service.

Otherwise, no stockpiling here :slight_smile:


Are we starting a black market now? I’m in! :female_detective:


Totally amazed by the lack of tonic water in our supermarket yesterday. Possibly due to a rumour on the internet that quinine has a beneficial effect on virus. I’m thinking if starting a rumour on the same basis that Gourt de Mautens Rasteau Rouge does the same thing (as I have a case of it and I’ve really gone off the style :wink:).


I’m thinking of starting a rumour that Gonon St Joseph is really, really bad for it…


I’m pretty sure that’s true Mark


I’m open to offers, but just remember demand may grossly inflate prices, and you wouldn’t believe how expensive shipping can be :wink: