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Time to Own up


I’m willing to start a volunteer disposal unit


Aren’t Honey Badgers those very clever, ingenious beasts that’ll eat anything…? So when the food runs out…?? I hope she’s a vegetarian!


Luckily, she is… :flushed:


I had an emergency trip for Easter eggs in case there is a run on them when everything else runs out . Forward planning :wink:


Was that your Brexit bog roll Steve?


It would be interesting to know if the rush to hoard has been greater than it would otherwise have been, because we all already had emergency lists for ‘no deal’ or smaller, because we all have our emergency supplies already.


Apparently (according to the news this lunchtime) the supermarkets have excellent stocks of most non-perishables, due to the possible “no deal” scenario.


Can’t remember if it was last year or the year before, but there was a bit of a milk shortage after heavy snowfall round here, and since then we’ve always had half a dozen cartons of UHT milk in the garage. Whenever a batch approaches the use-by date, we use them up for tea, hot chocolate and what have you, and buy a new bunch. So that’s one thing we already had in stock.



No but maybe now is the time to start planning my Brexit stockpile


And on a similar theme…



Nothing a milk bottle of water and your LEFT hand can’t manage


And the rest


Picked up 5 of these beauties from the wholesale fish merchant for a fiver each.


But why do you need 5 chopping boards?


1 cutting board for me and and my bifurcated lobster this lunchtime, another for the Lady Lapin for her tea-time crustacean, 3 for a good friend who lent us a thermometer to test for CV19 (thermometers not available in a pharmacy near you).


I have a thermometer available if that’s the going rate…


I wonder what the going rate for a loo roll is? A dozen lobsters? A study in market economics par excellence!


Something like this :sweat_smile: