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Tio Pepe Fino En Rama 2019



So I ordered one of these and I am keen to hear the feedback from other members. My experience with En Rama is that the rule to drink it as quickly as possible didn’t really do much to the overall experience. I drank some En Rama wine a few years old and it was still excellent, so I am not sure what the rush is all about.


This’ll be going STRAIGHT in my basket. Had the 2018 bottling and it blew my mind. If you’re a sherry fan, especially nutty fino, this’ll be right up your street!


A detailed review of the 2019 here:


It’s currently in my basket too , checking it out today in case demand strips my basket :wink:.


After yet another collection from the showroom yesterday I was thinking, right, that’s me sorted for the next few months.

Less than 24 hours later that opinion seems to be changing. Yet again. Must resist…


I already have a significant delivery coming tomorrow, but have now had to place another one which is coming on Tuesday! I really need to stay off this forum :joy:


“Demand”… for sherry? :joy:

That would make a lot of despairing people in Cádiz province pretty happy!


This should be of interest https://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/does-tio-pepe-en-rama-age-well

Incidentally I was chatting to a member of TWS staff last night at the Once & Future dinner and he was adamant that the sherries are the unsung gems of the range (this one in particular is apparently the best QPR product of all https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=SH571)


Well apparently sales are “rocketing”! I have a friend who works for a Company who sells Spanish wine and sherry. He continually comments on how Sherry sales are growing across all types. See also;


All down to Frankie Valli :+1:


Last year’s En Rama Tio Pepe was excellent and I’ll probably buy a bottle or two this year if it doesn’t sell out before my next order. But I reckon the Society has even better fino/manzanilla for a few quid cheaper and less demand…


Hope you’re right, Leah. They could use a bit of help.

Not my experience though - have tried countless times to make converts, but sadly without success.


Indeed. In forty years of wine drinking I’ve lost count of the ‘sherry is back’ claims made.


Indeed! In fact today we announced it’s won the IWC 2019 trophy for best-value fortified under £8! :smiley: I regularly pick up a bottle of this and it disappears all too quickly…


Jancis asks the eternal question.


It is odd that TWS now follows the unpleasant modern habit of offering fizzy wine instead of sherry at the start of its lunches, etc. It even put a Manzanilla in the section ‘and to finish a pair of fortified wines’ (along with a Port) at its Spain and Portugal tasting in March. Fortunately I spotted it and started there.


2 pals and me sharing 12 Tio Pepe ER and 12 Hidalgo La Gitana ER. I’ve ordered the TP from TWS and Uncorked stock the Hidalgo. Very keen on a tasting!


I’ve not been to a sherry tasting, but if memory serves (it frequently doesn’t these days!) somebody organised a sherry lunch over on Wine Pages a few years ago. Given the levels of extreme concentration in some of the wines such as the Equipo Navazos ones, it sounded quite like hard work. I bet it was interesting though.


Despite my slightly bah humbug comment above, I’ve ordered a couple and am excited to try it! Planning on having one bottle fresh and experimenting with a bit of age on the other


Just tried it over the weekend. It’s quite intense even though the colour is quite pale. It will take a while for me to finish this, but it’s quite an experience.