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Tio Pepe Fino En Rama 2019



Great idea. I should have got a 2nd one as well! Well done.


I couldn’t agree more, Andre.

Tim Sykes also tasted some old En Rama vintages recently and was pleasantly surprised with how well they showed:

The raw nature of the Sherry being completely unfiltered and fined means that, in theory, it is less stable and has a shorter shelf-life.

They definitely last a lot longer than many would believe, and that is a great thing!


Regarding the conversation on popularity of sherry - I was in a bar last night in Vigo, Galicia. I asked for a fino or manzanilla, and the bar man applogised for not having a coffee machine… I tried to explain, mentioning jerez etc and neither the bar man, nor the two Spaniards and two Portugese I was with had a clue what I was talking about! I know a lot of people drink sherry in Andalucia, but this seems to me like people from Aberdeen not having heard of whisky…


Yeah similar, I was in a bar in Madrid - Musee Jamon or some such similar tourist trap - ordered Manzanilla and after many attempts got a cup of tea! :joy:


Although there is a very good sherry bar in central Madrid - La Venencia, mentioned on this forum before.


I wonder if it’s cause Manzanilla means ‘apple’…? It they’re not familiar with Sherry, maybe they think you’re after some herbal/fruit tea… still! This seems very strange!


Manzanilla’ is ‘Chamomile’, so that may be why you were served a cup of tea @danchaq :smile:


Ah! I thought it meant ‘apple’? Either way, clearly they got the wrong end of the stick!! :grimacing:


Hi @Inbar
Apple is ‘Manzana’ - the words are extremely similar!
My wife is from Mexico, so I had to learn Spanish! She doesn’t like Sherry, though - just sweet wines and cokctails for her palate :smiley:


Indeed, chamomile tea is what I got. With my ham.:unamused:


Oh dear - that’s not a great food and wine match by the sounds of it! :unamused: An ice cold cerveza or chilled Sherry would have been just the job :+1:t2:

What’s your favourite food and wine match?


Oo I’d be hard pressed for a favourite but certainly sherry (not necessarily Manzanilla) is nice with ham. I did not drink the tea, asked for a glass of red wine instead.


Spain,not unlike Italy and France, is very regional in its food and wine, so it’s pretty common to find zero knowledge of Sherry in northern parts of Spain. Sherry and Tapas seem symbiotic in UK Spanish restaurants/Tapas bars that we rather take it for granted that it will apply all over Spain. Sadly not!


Indeed! I was quite shocked when seeing manzanila on a tea bag in a Spanish hotel room. The ensuing tea was a bit disappointing but did not accompany jamon in my case. We’ll be in Vigo in July so I’ll stick with estrella Galicia with my tapas or maybe Albariño or Godello


Drinking some of this right now. Watching eurotat.

The wine is sublime. Soft, full and round and very very long. It’s a big mouthful and very moreish.


My wife had a similar experience in a hotel in Menorca. She asked for a Tio Pepe (which was on the bar menu) and got a peppermint tea…


For me it is lacking in intensity compared to previous releases. Good rather than great.


Resurrecting this having just finished a bottle…

I’m afraid I’m with Richard, and found this very disappointing after the previous few years. It’s very clean and drinkable if you like fino, but for me just not very interesting. Presumably more of us have tried this… any other views?


I’ve tried this a couple of time now. It’s good, but not ‘magical’. The thing about ‘en rama’ is that it’s becoming such a novelty act. It reminds me of the Beaujolais Nouveau hype a from a few decades ago.

Good wine, nevertheless.


Got to admit, it wasn’t my favourite vintage of this wine, but I’m a sherry nut so by heck will I be buying it again next year! And, to be fair, it still had an absolutely astonishingly long finish, almost never-ending, and it really is unparalleled in that respect! Am now on the hunt for new ones to try…