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Tio Pepe Fino En Rama 2019



Thoroughly normal in Spain, and especially somewhere as geographically and culturally remote as Galicia! Normally if you are anywhere apart from the provinces of Cádiz, Sevilla and Málaga if you ask for a “fino” they will give you a “vino” - no one outside that region would ever think of drinking sherry!

Stick to the albarinho, godello and Ribeira Sacra reds :grinning:


Had a bottle of 5 palmleaf sherry last year (sorry cant remember proper name) think it was en Rama. Remarkable. Very concentrated, small glasses were sufficient,!


Having consulted Señor Google… My memorable bottle of Sherry Was actually from Tio Pepe Los palmas range - so not en rama at all, and certainly not 2019. Lovely bottles. But was unfiltered and quite exceptional (and from TWS) - and yes, small glassware was in order.



First taste of this tonight and we loved it, delicious. Even longer than last years, and just as complex. There’s a hint of an almost riesling-y petrol note in there, along with lots of other things…