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To ski or to board? ..... and where’s your favourite place?


I was going to go to Glen Coe tomorrow too, but then I saw the forecast …


Had a great week’s skiing in the Massif des Aravis (La Clusaz / Le Grand Bornand) a couple of weeks ago. Two dumps of snow amid glorious sunshiny days! Tried some rare Savoyard wines too (it helps if you’re staying in the chalet of Wink Lorch, author of Wines of the French Alps.

Etraire de la Dhui was certainly a brand new grape to me - think of gamay on steroids with a dollop of mondeuse and you’re not far off.



Sorry, how do we go about booking into Wink’s chalet??!?


Ooh, a bring a bottle community ski trip… :grinning:


sounds scary


Masses of snow and can ski all the way down. Todays rain will strip that off the lowest slopes but high up should be ok as its to get colder again next week with more snow.

Light was very flat yesterday and visibility came and went on top runs. Flypaper closed due to avalanche danger everything else open and good snow!


I was in Hokkaido 2 weeks ago. The snow was plentiful although less than usual per the local standards
The covid-19 epidemic having kept Chinese tourists at home, ski was a bliss with all those empty slopes!


Unfortunately after travelling all the way to the west coast all ski resorts are now closed :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:! This want the holiday we had planned :persevere:! More wine then !


Oh no, that’s a nightmare! I hope you can have a different sort of holiday and make the most of it somehow - can you get upstate and visit wine country instead?!

Norway had shut it’s resorts too, and I don’t think Sweden will be too far behind. The real shame is that there is tons of new snow too!


There is tons of snow … we looked to change our flights but that doesn’t look like an option either so enjoy what we’ve got I guess !


Just got back home from Courchevel. The lifts as well as the bars etc all shut as of midnight. Our plane flew out empty to pick us up as there are no guests for this week and the season is over. Chalet staff are coming home.
It’s quite strange to think we were skiing and eating lunch just yesterday. All normal and one of the best weeks we’ve had. Now it must be a ghost mountain.
Some ladies in the airport had travelled from Barcelona to Chambéry on a coach to get home, I assume arranged by the tour company. Andorra is shut too.


but will you have a flight back ? Given UK and Ireland will also be included in the US flight ban this monday (I think)…


BA won’t speak to anyone who is not booked on a flight within the next 72 hours, they also will not allow us to change our flight, they want us to cancel the booking , issue us with a voucher which will go nowhere near the cost of rebooking 4 new flights back ! We’re staying until we are told to leave then they will have to fly us out :wink::+1:! Trying to stay positive !


Hope it goes OK for you, Leah! Sounds like a good plan! At the end of the day, if they want people to leave - they will make it happen!

We finally decided to cancel our Loire break too. So sad - we’ve been waiting for ages for it, and sanity is currently very much needed work-wise, but we’re trying to think of it as ‘postponement’ rather than ‘cancellation’.

Have a safe journey back when you do! :+1:


Awful for you, and BA seems to be worse than the other airlines at dealing with all this. We had flights to Lebanon booked for next month, and although Lebanon has now blocked all flights from the UK and would require 14 days quarantine if we found a way around that, BA is still showing the flights as normal, and even sent us a pre-flight email asking if we wanted to book any extras!


OMG @SPmember! That is ridiculous!


I bailed out from Chamonix two days before the French government closed all the resorts. For me the reason was as much to do with the snow conditions being so poor as to do with covid-19.

I had a very different travel experience; P & O said they were waiving all fees for changing bookings and a friend told me Easyjet are doing the same. So really poor show from BA!

But now I feel obliged to self isolate for 2 weeks.


That’s pretty shoddy customer service, I’d expect better from BA. I’m sure you have this already, but worth knowing your rights in this situation…


Sit tight, wait for them to cancel you and then they have obligations, including compensation.


Thanks for this @Alchemist, such a shame the snow here is amazing :snowflake:! Sledging it is then :+1::wink:.


Ditto my mother-in-law - who’s scheduled to fly to Venice in mid-April! Unlikely… but still they won’t cancel the flight. Whereas Virgin Atlantic are being much more proactive, and offering customers the chance to rebook for free, from what I hear…