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TWS Ulysse Pauillac



Which I firmly believe this one is! :+1:


I would slightly, and very respectfully, disagree there in that it would only be exploitation if they actually did slap their name all over it.


I was referring to the ones that did, ie the third wines, it is not that many years ago that wine considered not fit for the Grand Cru and when there were no 2nd and 3rd wines was sold of for blending, I have no idea whether the Ulysee is worth buying or not, previous members who have purchased think it is and that is all that matters, I was making a general statement about wines of that ilk, that trade on the nudge nudge it is actually Ch X when there is no proof of that.

As far as I know Bordeaux is the only area that does this 2nd 3rd + wine bottling, in Australia excess or 2nd grade wines are sold of as cleanskins, no label but you are told what you are buying and they also knock out wines with no labels at all to clear, probably not legal here.

It matters not how much you pay where a wine comes from or what anyone else thinks as long as YOU like it, my comments were about the practice as I see it.


Spooky, very spooky…

While reading the new posts just now I saw on another tab that I had a new email…

It is from Tim Sykes at TWS

Dear Mr May
Our relationship with the world-famous property that makes this outstanding Pauillac gives Wine Society members access to a claret with impeccable credentials at an excellent price, on the condition that we do not reveal the source.

A small price to pay, and in more ways than one…!

TWS Control has spotted a sceptic… how long can I resist?

I am not a number…*

*actually I am as I can’t buy from TWS without my membership number


They’re coming for you … there’s no escape…



That was quick - out of stock!

I mean, it’s good, but didn’t think it was that good…!


must have been as a result of the thread :wink:


No way … already ? It was in my basket too :flushed:, oh well you win some you loose some ! Another btl of Rapsani instead then :wink:!


Blimey that’s a bit bonkers! :open_mouth:


I think this must be the kind of wine 99% of the membership buys… we are just the tip of the iceberg here.


Having never had it before I had a bottle of the 2011 in the Bordeaux Mixed crate late last year. Didn’t know anything about it and brought it out for a Bordeaux tasting in November. It wiped the floor with everything else on show. Structured, finessed and with remarkable length. There have been lots of comments about ‘green grapes’ but have you actually tasted one? Regardless of where it’s from, given the price of ‘good’ clarets - this is a remarkable find! Snapped up a box of the 2014 as soon as it went on sale. Not surprised it’s sold out!


And someone unhappy…



Hmm maybe TWS should have restricted number of purchase bottles on this one.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they were holding a few cases back for a later date. The 2011 went out of stock for a good while before returning to the list last year.


As good as this may be at the price, I’d still prefer to know what it is I’m drinking. I like to know the story. For me, that’s part of the wine experience.

This is akin to a blind tasting and at the end it would drive me mad not knowing what this was!

IMHO of course :grin:


Seems a bit misplaced, putting this comment in the wine review section, seeing as it’s nothing do to with the wine per se. Would have been better to speak to members services or to accept life’s little tragedies.


However … I do see his point . Because emails go out to members at different times and not all members get all mails… he probably went straight on to order and it’s already been snapped up from members who had an earlier notification. I can see both sides :thinking:.


I received an email from L&W at midday today for the 2008 Dom Perignon. Sold out in under 10 minutes. Different pedigree I know, but what can you say other than “You snooze, you lose…”


I received 2 :rofl::rofl:


I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more.

Don’t really understand the rush, they make 3-5 million bottles of the stuff. It’ll be easy enough to come by 2008 or no.