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There’s been doubt cast on the quality of Cazabonne Pauillac 2014, delivered by members who haven’t even tasted it. Fact: regardless of who makes it and whether it’s their 2nd/3rd/4th/5th wine, this Pauillac, year in year out, represents phenomenal value . I have used the 2002/2003/2004/2005/2006/2009/2010/2011 equivalent vintages in blind tastings against Pauillacs double or treble the price, and this wine has usually come out tops. Why does this wine sell out almost immediately ever year? I’ll let you clever people work it out! To wine bargain hunters, it’s a wine they want to keep secret. Please don’t tell anyone!


Yes, probably right, but not at the initial release price.


True, but by how much over what period and you have to factor in storage and the fact you have laid out the money with no immediate return, we are back to EP is it worth it, this gives a short survey of Dom Perignon and the fact that some vintages are available at lower prices vis a vis todays, you pays your money…


Please don’t take this comment amiss - I’m happy to believe this wine is as good as you say.

But in the near-term, the sort of wines selling at two or three times the price are often unapproachable in this time frame.

Earlier approachability is often said to be a feature of second and third wines. Often much higher in merlot content, and these days (I am told) vinified by some estates to yield a more approachable wine at an earlier stage. That’s no bad thing of course, but whether they remain a better wine after, say, 15+ years I doubt. Horses for courses.


A very valid point, and analysing the potential of a wine yet to show its true potential is certainly a skill that takes many years of wine tasting to master. These Cazabonne Pauillacs are certainly not as good as their stablemate’s top three wines, but then their third wine is now selling for £80+ a bottle.
The 2002, at 16 years of age, was blind tasted with a group of 4 seasoned tasters last year against Pontet Canet 2002, Sociando Mallet 2003 and La Fleur Morange 2001. The Cazabonne 2002 was voted by the group as the winning wine, and all wines were proclaimed as fully mature. The Cazabonne 2009 and 2010 look to be even better than the 2002, and I look forward to tasting them against more expensive Bordeaux in blind tastings in 6-10 year’s time.


The 2011 is back on the list if anyone fancies snaffling a few, like I just have…


I’m pleased to see you’ve correctly adopted protocol, and got your order in before alerting everyone else. :wink: I now have a couple of these coming with my Exhibition Hermitage. Thanks!


Crikey, has anyone seen the reviews on this? It’s practically turned into a discussion thread in its own right!


Yes, some very odd w(h)ine reviews!


As of now, more stock available from the 1st February - let the Hunger Games commence…


Great spot, many thanks @willrcwyatt ! Order done, didn’t expect a second chance at this one - and will teach me to pause for thought next time.


I think there have previously been discussions on here about the comments on the website.

This episode has confirmed it; we are the cool kids at the back of the bus.


Last night, I got to taste the 2010 vintage of Pauillac, Ulysse.

Gorgeous wine, so I was going to buy a bottle or two, but I’m too late.

I can’t say that you didn’t tell me :disappointed_relieved:


Worth keeping your eye open; they might just find some more…


Yes - you are buying a pig-in-a-poke. But covered by TWS money back guarentee, so it’s a risk free punt. Might need a few years in bottle to improve.

For what it’s worth: I have had previous vintages (I think 2008 & 2009?) and they were very fine. Not on the same level as (I imagine) a bottle of… Latour… but quite frankly very decent Claret for the price.