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TWS xmas champagne offers


Does anyone know when TWS Xmas Champagne offer usually kicks off? I’m down to my last bottle of TWS brut (excellent) and minded to get another half case. Snag is that it works out at £27.50 each (based on 6) at the moment - which is a tad steep, even at Chateau Lapin.

Second question… what year is the current blend based upon?


Do you think the price will go down again? The £27.50 is already discounted and bearing in mind current events I do wonder.


£27.50 is quite steep for a Christmas champagne, considering there will be a plethora of styles in the £15-20 price range in the supermarkets during December.
Most people do not know what they are drinking if bubbles are involved. A good Saumur or a decent Cremant serves better too!


Yeah. If it’s a large group and nobody’s really paying attention, I prefer to hoick one of these out:

But if it’s a smaller number of people then a nice champagne with a hefty seasonal discount hits the spot for me.


As long as it’s people who would know the difference. Few do!


That’s why it’s best when the numbers are low - more for me!


Given current events, who knows, but certainly, every previous year I can remember has seen the Society’s NV come on a significantly better discount a couple of times, one of which is at some point in the run up to Christmas. Given the long relationship TWS has with Gratien, I’d be surprised if there isn’t some form of improved discount for a few weeks mid-Nov-mid Dec.


Many thanks for the suggestions - just checked and I last bought a half dozen TWS brut on 22/12/2017 for £128 (£21.33 ea) - jeepers, the current price is a 28% increase! my last remaining bottle is going to stay hidden away I think.

Regarding ‘current events’ and potential import price tarifs… all the more reason to have a few decent bottles put by.

This isnt for party drinking, but for those fine evenings with close friends who know the difference.


Fingers crossed! (For so many reasons!)


I don’t quite understand why people think we’re suddenly going to have import tariffs on European alcohol post Brexit that are any greater than the tiny (compared to excise duty) tariffs that currently apply to most of the rest of the world. I see Brexit increasing the cost of European wine by no more than 10-15p a bottle.


Most recent offer of TWS Champagne was in August. I picked up 6 for £144. I’d expect a similar offer to appear pre Xmas.


Coincidence, serendipity or happy happenstance.
First bottle of TWS own fizz and here’s this thread :slight_smile:
I can’t remember when I bought even mixed or full case.
While not quite at Pol Roger NV for that combination of rich & dry it gets very, very close.
It is very, very good, worth the price :slight_smile:


Mike, agreed, I don’t see the cost escalating particularly. And at this stage for Christmas, TWS would surely have already bought / contracted stock so there should be no short-term impact this year in any case.


Interesting that a rise had been mentioned on another thread:

I don’t have a clue what to make of it all. Not sure whether to worry and start stocking up, or whether that would just be a panicked reaction… :woman_shrugging:


I suspect there are a number of factors at play. Inflation is back up around 2.5% (RPI) after a two or three years of very low figures. The pound has been trading at historical lows for two or three years; retailers can only absorb that for just so long. Some wines become trendy and the estate would be silly not to cash in at least to some extent; Musar springs to mind (please note I am grimacing as I type that, but it is still valid). If I was a wine grower and all my produce is sold every year with little effort the logical conclusion is that I can probably get away with charging a higher price.


Coincidentally did open a bottle of Society champagne last night, one I bought in 2016, and we all very much enjoyed it. Definitely benefitted from the 3+ years storage, with much more integrated acidity and a rounder, rich flavour. Lovely.

Edited! of course I meant 2016, not 2006!


Invariably when I open a bottle of this, with like minded folk, you get a ‘oooo, this is nice’. I try to give it a couple or 3 years before opening, so have a small cache lurking somewhere. Hard to resist though!

If it’s not on offer, I do really like this…


Has anybody had the Castelnau ? I’ve seen it in a few restaurants but never had the chance to try it.


It’s on the way in November. :smiley: Having proofed the copy for it last week, I’m fairly sure you’ll be pleased with the offers … :wink:


Thanks Laura - good to know. Wish list growing, and the Castelnau & Chartogne-Taillet sound rather tempting as well !