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TWS xmas champagne offers


I really enjoy the Castelnau Champagne, agree with the tasting notes of it being toasty, rich but still fresh :slight_smile: think I bought a case last Christmas and gave some to my dad, he opened a bottle a few weeks ago and I forgot how good it was, hopefully it might be in the Christmas offer :smiley:


I’m afraid I don’t really like the Castelnau at all. (Pleased to find that BA s/h have switched to Nicolas Feuillatte, which while not brilliant I think is preferable!). At that price I’d wait for an offer on Pol Roger NV (White Foil), or LP. As ever, of course, tastes vary!


I have my eyes on a magnum of Nyetimber 2009 BDB. Can I justify the £100 for something that will get consumed so quickly?


Ridiculously expensive! How do they sleep at night?


Market price, so I’m guessing on the finest Egyptian cotton.


Hahaha! touche! As they say ‘fools and money…soon parted’


£100 for a mag sadly isn’t expensive when it comes to quality sparkling


You might have a look at Costco’s current offer of Bollinger - a very pleasant wine.


Society’s champagne now showing at it’s Christmas price online. £132 / 6 (£22 per bottle). So you can have 6 Gratien and some crisps, or one bottle of Krug…


Good spot! :eyes:
This is just the first (as it’s featuring in another offer - mailing out earlier - so we wanted to make sure it’s the same price!) but the rest of the deals are coming out in a couple of weeks. :blush:


Many thanks to everyone - The Xmas fine wine list is now online, just in time, having finished the last of my previous half case of TWS brut champagne. 6 bottles of TWS brut now in my basket… and maybe some others as well !

Cheers to all


Just ordered a case of six of the Society’s champagne - always good drinking but I like to keep a case or two for a couple of years for that extra maturity. …and it is always a good idea to have something ready for that unexpected celebration!


@DavidTheChemist… Brexit?


I notice there are quite a few deals on the TWS website now :smiley:




I’m gonna save me a fortune on my fizzy magnums! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yikes, sorry about that! It’s a glitch - it’ll be fixed next time the website refreshes (hopefully about 4ish…)
Thanks for pointing it out! :smiley:


Very happy to put a case of Roederer into reserves at that price, to split between maturing for the long term and this Christmas. Cheers!


Although not part of the offer I see that the Marc Hébrart is on 6 for 5 also (and has been for a while)


Just to point out that, for some reason, some champagne offers are on the champagne pages, others are on the mixed case pages, like this one.