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TWS xmas champagne offers


You can browse them all via the same place if you click the link I posted above (the main offer page):


The Growers champagne offer is only on the mixed case pages.


That’s not part of this offer. :slight_smile:


Perhaps it should be?


I have taken delivery of six - as you say, an insanely good price. To be drunk over the next year or two.


Well - I got a half case of the Castelnau and to be fair I’m not overly impressed - its biscuity, lightish, well made without being remarkable. Absolutely nothing wrong with it & depends totally on personal preference. I feel TWS brut is better, and Veuve Cliquot better still (all pretty much the same price with pre-xmas offers). So have ordered 6 of the TWS champagne to tide us over until next year at Chateau Lapin.