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#TWSTaste 2019 schedule



Hi everyone,

We’ve been planning ahead a bit and I thought it might be helpful to have a list of upcoming dates and themes for our virtual #twstaste tastings to help you when planning future orders/getting your friends around to join in etc :smiley:

Here’s the 2019 lineup so far - we’ll be adding to it every month:

#TWS Taste 2019 schedule

January 24th: Curiosity Shop (here’s what you missed)
February 20th: Quirky South Africa (here’s what you missed)
March 21st: Alternatives to NZ Sauvignon Blanc
April 25th: Beaujolais
May TBC: Your favourite Society wines
June 27th: Live from the AGM!
July: TBC
August: TBC
September: TBC
October: TBC
November: TBC
December: TBC

As ever, we’d love to hear your suggestions for potential themes for tastings so don’t be shy!


Looking forward to finding out what this means… fingers crossed for St Laurent.


See you in April :heart_eyes:


Ditto! Got to love a bit of Beaujolais!


oooooohh Yes please :yum:


Really hoping I can attend the April one! We’ll be back from Alsace on the 23rd, so might need to put an order together whilst in Colmar. There are worse things to do in Colmar, I guess! :grinning:


I too am looking forward to the beaujolais tasting, but I’m only getting home from France on the 18th so will be quite tight!


From a selfish perspective.

Syrah versus grenache in an autumnal Rhone shoot-out ? Obviously nothing too expensive though.

If it was now, something like the Feratton VDP de l’Ardeche Syrah up against the CDR GSM blend from Clos Romane.

For the summer. A dry Alsace or German riesling up against an equivalent from the southern hemisphere, one from the Clare or Eden Valleys perhaps ?

Looking forward to the one in April !


Those are both good suggestions for the second half of the year!

There’s also gotta be a rose one in summer, surely? Maybe a nice Provençal vs something else dry but cheaper from a less glitzy locale?


That’ll get my vote! Maybe we can even win some converts to the pink cause! :smiley:
There’s always a good selection - and one must be a Tavel, I reckon! :+1::+1:


Ooo, I’d sign up for that.

Not a big rose drinker previously but during last summers heatwave they really hit the spot.


Has there been a sparkling head to head yet? Loire vs Limoux? But also loads of other non-champagne options you could pick from.

Viable alternatives to the ubiquitous Prosecco?


Great idea, there hasn’t been, also like the Rosé idea. Pity this is now out of stock as it was really good:

As was this:

And not forgetting this:

So many good Rosés out there…


I second (or third or fourth) that! Haven’t been a huge fan of rose in the past but am willing to revisit it.


Orange wine - my new obsession.


Random idea, apologies if this is too random…my 1 year won’t sleep so I’m going a little crazy, but what about a blind tasting? I’m sure a couple of producers would be up for providing their wine without labels, could provoke an interesting debate.


+1 on orange wine! There are SUCH differences in styles, and it would also be a great way to read other people’s descriptions of the less familiar flavours.


There could totally be a Chardonnay one too, again with the contrasting styles. Many a theme to be had… North v South (name your region), Old W v New W, oak or not etc etc

There will be enough suggestions in this thread for two years :smiley:


Unless I’m much mistaken, the emerging theme is that we want to have more comparative virtual tastings. It’s not really possible to compare red to white, which is mostly what we’ve been doing - so the real ‘comparative’ element has been absent.

I think it would be great to have some real comparative flights - as been mentioned above (two different types of Chardonnay, Rosés etc). So here’s mine - Cahors vs Argentinian Malbec, Madiran vs Uruguayan Tannat, French Syrah vs Aussie (or SA) Shiraz, Bordeaux blends from around the world… The list is endless…

For the more traditional white vs red - how about an example each from the Rhône, say Lirac rouge vs Lirac blanc?


I think of that poor Manzanilla last year, that never stood a chance against an absolute belter of a Langhe Nebbiolo.