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#TWSTaste: Christmas Classics! 6th December



Picking up tomorrow :slight_smile:


Ours will arrive on the 5th… Ordered 2 of the Alsace Pinot Gris as I know i will like it! Had to add some others too as can’t have the van come all the way up here with just 3 bottles could I? :wink::joy: PS Does anyone know if my OH can have his own login to the #TWSTaste if it’s me who is the member? He so enjoyed himself last week :wine_glass::wine_glass:


Gutted to be missing this one - love Alsace & the red looks cracking too!

I’ll be sitting my French Wine Scholar exam that night (wish me luck, I need it) — we’re sitting the exam at the tutor’s wine bar though, so we won’t be short of a few glasses afterwards!

Have fun with this one folks, & I’ll check back in for the first one of the new year (I presume TWSTastes isn’t doing dry January?!?)


Bottles delivered yesterday, looking forward to learning something.


Best of luck!! Hope it goes well - and see you for the next one! :smiley:

And to everyone else: this is your final call to put an order in for delivery in time for Thursday’s tasting - and as an added bonus, you’ll also be entered into our Christmas Early Delivery prize draw to win one of 250 bottles of Champagne! :smiley:


I still have a full 6 bottle case of the 2001 Dead Arm. I have tasted this wine many times including this year, and it is still in fine form. Personally, I ignore drink by dates, they were probably written when the wine was an infant and unless there has been authorative tasting notes in the intervening years, then the original estimate might well have been scribbled on toilet paper!!:open_mouth:
Better pay a visit to cellatracker.com , there you will get the full spectrum of views but once one ignores the dross from both ends (like what ice skating judging used to be like) the core opinion is on the money. And for those who have not visited this site, very many WS wines of a plethora of vintages are housed there!:grinning:


Forgot about this!

Will have to drop in the showroom and hopefully grab a bottle of each on my way home this afternoon…


Yay! I actually haven’t got my bottles yet either - thanks for the reminder…! :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to trying both of these… :smiley:


The white’s in the fridge and the red is stood up.


Same state of affairs in this household :wink:


The reds in a glass :rofl::wink:


Can I ask why you didn’t decant Leah?


Wines successfully sourced.

Along with all the other stuff I couldn’t resist whilst in the showroom!..


Have you not seen @leah’s glass? Some would call it a magnum decanter :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hooray! I am pleased you managed to get them. :slight_smile:

We just (finally!) exchanged contracts on our house move so Mr Laura and I are treating this tasting as a bit of a celebration too. :smiley:


With just over three hours to go until tonight’s tasting, it’s time to scuttle on over …

… to our brand new venue. Click on the link to be transported!

See you there!



I did @japcraw, into a large glass :wink:… then vacuumed the rest and put in the fridge . Mr. Leah is in Norway :norway: so drinking the whole 2 bottles on an empty stomach would probably send me over the edge :rofl:…!! Oh and in case anyone is interested Mr.Leah is not one tiny bit jealous of the wines tonight … as after all they have this in the local “wine shop” :rofl::rofl::rofl: