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#TWSTaste: Festive Fine Wine, Thursday 5th Dec 8-9pm



2 x 7 here. Interesting and a good choice.


Are they guava or three enormous sprouts on steroids🤣


7 and a 6 here


Olaf is a 6, I’m also a 6 - this is high praise from us for a white wine. This is one we might buy for others!


7.5 for me! It’s nice with pork and pickle sausage rolls too. Definitely getting some for Christmas party sipping with nibbles.


I’m going with a 7.5, having tasted a fair few over/under-done examples of this grape, this one is rather exciting


Let’s move onto the red and end with the sherry for anyone taking part? Pour your glasses and let’s see what you think of the nose…


I really like this, and will definitely get some for Christmas (to drink while watching The Santa Clause), 8!


Not so good with Camembert…though not sure I was expecting anything different…


Olaf didn’t know decimal points were allowed - he has changed his score to 6.35!






Old paint tins?


I ADORE Zin! Was one of the first reds I fell in love with!


one call for ‘just-cracked brazil nuts’!


It does smell quite volatile!


YES! My first thought was nail varnish remover… and lots of red berries.


I’m not sure it actually smells appetising?


Ooh lovely nose. Black cherry & licorice.


Also marzipan.