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#TWSTaste: Festive Fine Wine, Thursday 5th Dec 8-9pm



We are not joining you for the sherry. As a gastroenterologist am concerned about my liver BUT did order a bottle so will watch the comments with interest.


Yes glass at the ready. And can I just say trout and stir fry pak choi an excellent match for the white. Smoothed away the excess acidity I was starting to get at the end of the glass.


:+1: just poured it


Colour is lovely isn’t it


Sorry we have not made this one but we are in Madeira for a week. I have the bottles at home so will try them after we get back.


That sound gorgeous, @JayKay! Bodes well for the sprouts, too…

Okay, pour yourself a sherry and let’s have a sniff! For those of you not tasting the sherry - thanks for joining us, and feel free to keep posting about the zinfandel and the malagousia!


yes !


Poured and awaiting your comments on what I think is one of our best bargains!


Is there an almondy thing there? Sweet though.


Christmas in a glass. Nuts, figs, marzipan for me.


Olaf gets Figs.


should this be chilled? we weren’t sure


Ooh, yes, like a big bowlful of almonds! I’m enjoying it. Lovely dried fruit too. Smells dry?!


Almond, apple skin, hazelnut, little bit of caramel, raisin, cinnamon


barley sugar and bitter oranges


Overchilled = you can miss out, but chilling lightly brings out the acidity. I think this is personal taste rather than form, personally :slight_smile:


We keep our amontillado in our unheated pantry so coolish not cold


Think I need to break out the mince pies!


Ideally, yes. But it’s just as nice not chilled :slight_smile:


Marzipan and caramel!