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#TWSTaste: Festive Fine Wine, Thursday 5th Dec 8-9pm



Bingo! This is exactly what I was getting, I just couldn’t put it in words.


Oh - we haven’t. Should we do that with all sherry?


Thanks! We chilled it just in case on the basis that it could warm naturally if needed.


Dark brown sugar - muscavado? Almost rum




Cantucci at the ready


With the drier ones like Fino and Manzanilla it definitely helps. It’s more down to personal taste though


Are we all tasting it already? We are, aren’t we. :joy: What do you think?


We leave the sherries in the kitchen to stay cool but we don’t actively chill


Yes exactly that!




We were meant to wait??


It is not a sweet as it smells for sure.


Glorious! Everything on the nose in the mouth. And the cantucci is excellent dipped into it😋


we are ignorant I know, but what are cantucci?


Yes this is a great idea!


This strikes me as being far, far too drinkable!


Very hard baked almond biscuits from Italy. Not overly sweet but great dipped in Vin Santo and, as I saw last weekend, dipped into rubbish Pinot Grigio! That was an Italian doing that too I might add!


know the biscuits, not the name.


Lovely reading people’s seemingly favourable impressions. I’m a huge fan of this. Layers of intricate varied loveliness, but slips down so easily too. The finish lasts and lasts. I can’t think of many places where you can get this kind of complexity for the £