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#TWSTaste: Festive Fine Wine, Thursday 5th Dec 8-9pm



Goodness we like this - a lot.


Olaf and I are onto glass 2


:scream: As a fellow Italian, all I can say is…

This goes very nicely with some pate and cheese and biscuits. Anyone else want to suggest food matches, or give a mark out of 10?


And it is so versatile too. Great apero, good with pate and cheese and also now after the meal with cantucci. Can’t think of a more flexible wine!


I want to try it with cantucci now but can recommend shortbread very highly


Impressed by the comments re the sherry. Plan to drink it Xmas eve. How long will it last after opening?


Sherry truly is one of the best value wines


9 and 9 - We may finish this bottle tonight - what a revelation. We bought two more for Christmas - but they may not make it!


Couple of weeks in the fridge easily if past Christmases are anything to go by!


Depends how many with you. Maybe 5 mins🤣


This is good to know - thanks.


It’s a 9.99 here.


8 and 8 here. Leaving the best till last, this is delicious, complex and moreish. And definitely great value :+1:


Another 9 from us… maybe even a 10!

Wow, three very different wines, but can you pick a favourite?!

  • The white - malagousia
  • The red - zinfandel
  • The sherry

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Haha - Olaf has just remembered that decimal points are allowed (it’s been 30 mins at least!) so he completely agrees with you.


My vote is skewed as I didn’t taste the sherry which am now really looking forward to.


Goodness, look at that early lead for the sherry! So pleased you liked it


So - I think the white was up against some unfair competition. It is one of the nicest I’ve tasted but it is was a flyweight put in the heavyweight division methinks.


What a great night! Thanks to every single one of you for joining us tonight - it was such a pleasure to try these wines with you. :heart: I think we’re off for another glass of the sherry! Here’s to a wonderful Christmas of great wine. :smiley:


Yep it’s been a good one. Merry Christmas one and all.