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#TWSTaste: Members' Favourites, 13th September



Thanks @MikeFranklin, @leonie & @MarkC for your feedback about the notice period - we do sympathise and will endeavour to take this on board for subsequent tastings if we possibly can. Fingers crossed we’ll see you at a future event!


Well I may lurk at this one again, anyway! :smiley:


I’m the same. I’m on holiday next week but was aiming to join in but with such short notice I can’t get the wine delivered in time. I’m sure we used to get a months notice before.


This might be my first #twstaste! I’ve been meaning to try the red for ages as I really like the Fistful of Schist Chenin and Colombard-Sauvignon so want to like the set :grinning: May try and rope the rents in too and see if I can stop my Dad going full Jilly Goolden when trying a new wine! Fingers crossed for next week :clinking_glasses:


Me and Mr JayKay will be on a Portsmouth to St Malo ferry that evening, hopefully enjoying a nice meal and a bottle we will drink to your collective health! Sorry we cannot make it this time round. We will be driving through Muscadet country and I thought we should stop off for some supplies. Is the Dom Ratelles open for tasting and buying and does anyone have their contact details?


They welcome visitors Mon-Sat 9-12 & 2-6. Here is the website and they are at La Quilla, 44690 La Haye Fouassière, around 15km south of Nantes. Bon voyage!


Great, thanks Ewan :+1:


So I have now switched to I’ll be there I have brought forward my next order and ordered the red (I almost never drink white) however It’s a bit tight; deliveries up here take a little while, so it might not (probably won’t) arrive in time. However I shall tune in and ‘listen’ to all your views and then compare them when the wine arrives!

That will probably be my last order before Christmas which will also mean it will probably be my last before next April as I spend mid Jan to mid April in Chamonix :smiley: . I shall be looking for recommendations for good Savoie wines nearer the time as I’ve always struggled a bit with them!


I just KNEW I’d seen you somewhere before :rofl:
(Not jealous AT ALL).


Here are a couple suggestions…



@Inbar but it has to be red and bought locally :smiley: but I’ll make a note of that one to see if I can get it out there. I’m not really looking for ideas until nearer the time though, else I’ll just forget!

@Leah I’m not quite as graceful as that :blush:. I mostly do playing off-piste and/or ski mountaineering, where I climb the mountains on the skis as well as (hopefully) ski back down them. Also I have to keep doing my work whilst I’m out there so no or very little apres ski. It’s pretty much ski work and sleep.


Sorry, I was a little over-excited as I really enjoy wines from Savoie. That red is very good, so hopefully you can find it locally when you’re there.

Out of curiosity, what is it about white wine which stops you from drinking it?


To be honest I don’t really know. I’ve found plenty of whites that are okay but just okay and I’d always rather be drinking red. There was an Australian wooded Chardonnay I used to drink some 20 odd years ago that I quite liked but it was almost like a white red, if that makes any sense. I keep meaning to try some white Rioja as I am so fond of the red but haven’t got around to it yet.

Bottom line I’ve almost never drunk a white that’s made me want to immediately pour another glass. It’s not that I dis like it, I just don’t particularly like it. It doesn’t make me go yuk but rather just meh!

Not sure I can express it better than that!


You expressed it perfectly! :wink::+1:

I only asked because I find it interesting to compare likes and dislikes. I’m probably on the other side of the scale - with a much stronger preference for whites, though I enjoy and drink reds too.


I am ready for Thursday following my visit to the TWS showroom yesterday

A first for me - I bought a Muscadet bottle of wine. This is what I like about these tastings - it has effectively got me to buy something which I would not have done previously and this has to be a good thing. I hope that I will be pleasantly surprised.


Sadly, my daughter’s school have scheduled a music event for that evening where she will be performing, so that’s another ‘miss’ for me :frowning:

I’d just ordered the wines too! At least I’ll be able to comment later in the evening (I hope) with this one


Well… An unplanned trip took me up the A1M so I’m in!


Looking forward to tomorrow’s tasting. Unfortunately Mrs G will not participating this time as she will be attending her camera club (aka Tripods Are Us). I will just have Mr Jimmy for company (see photo) plus the two tasting bottles.


This is our first time trying the virtual wine tasting. Does anyone know what food matches with these wines?


Muscadet’s in the fridge, the red’s ready to open! Gutted to have missed the last one (I was in Ibiza for a fortnight, soI’m not expecting much sympathy…) but it sounded like a good one!

I do like a good refreshing Muscadet so hoping this one is good - not tried it before. & I’ve only had A Fistful of Schist’s Chenin before (wasn’t a fan if I remember correctly) but always willing to try something new!