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#TWSTaste: Members' Favourites, 13th September



I’m not sure it’s possible to find a course that’ll match with both wines, but a starter of moules marinieres with the muscadet, followed by steak with the red would be a winner!


As stated previously I shall be here but whether I’ll have the wine depends on whether it is delivered today. The courier usually comes by around 1700-1800 so I’ll not know until nearer the time and the serving temperature will be largely dependant on the temperature of his van (not a TWS temperature controlled van).


You could always but the white in the freezer for 15-20 mins


I’m only getting the red :wink:


Keeping everything crossed for you, @MikeFranklin! And we’ll be giving lots more notice on future events to make sure you have plenty of time to get your delivery. :slight_smile:


Thanks @laura , though I’m afraid I’ll probably be unable to make any from now to April as from middle of next month to middle April I’ll only be home for about 4 weeks.

Come April I might just get you good folk to give me some recommendations to try and convert me to at least some white wine drinking! :blush:

Gah I keep hitting the wrong ‘reply’ button!


Oh, we LOVE a challenge! :smile: And as a white wine fanatic, I’m looking forward to this topic immensely!


If you find yourself doing that, you can switch by clicking on the reply arrow above the edit window. Just like switching from ‘reply’ to ‘reply all’ in email, you can select a different option without having to start again



I’ve done that before but typically I tend not to realise until after I’ve actually posted. Can I do that when editing an existing post?


no - it is baked-in at that point I think…


13th September 2018
Your parcel 31420430030842 is out for delivery


Hi everyone - just to let you know that the introductory blurb to the wines for tonight will shortly be appearing in a separate thread to be used for tonight’s tasting. I’ll post a link in a wee while, and then sometime this afternoon this current thread will be closed down and conversation will need to switch to the new thread.


Tonight’s TWSTaste will be happening in a different thread. You can be transported there in an instant by clicking on the image below! Energise!