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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



My second tasting and once again I really enjoyed it, thank you


Best of luck! It’s a great course! (though there’s a lot in there - start studying early! I didn’t & I regretted it the week before the exam!!!)


Congrats in advance! (in case you’re not around!)


So, just got back from a school music concert. Sorry to miss the “live” event.

My own wines arrived only today so I’ve only chilled the Muscadet so far and not opened the red.

I love the conversation. My first reaction is … it is obvious @leah and I weren’t here … there were no GIFs!!!

I loved the descriptions of both wines by everyone. One of the things we really should try to do after these tastings is to synthesise a single tasting note from all the reactions and get a sort of meta-note from all the comments … might even rival Robert Parker!!

I have to say, as I’ve only got the white, that I tip my hat to @catherine for this note (which I don’t think got the profile it deserves)

Samphire is a great call, with the salty, watery, chlorophylly notes you get. Add that to the melon, lemon, and pepper you all mentioned, and you’ve got it “bang to rights”

Another great event and thank you to @laura and @martin_brown for another entertaining evening and for putting the next one in the schedule far in advance so I can book the evening out early this time (though school is want to do things at short notice)


It’s also known as Melon de Bourgogne - though might have nothing to do with melons as such…!?


Great to read all the posts! :grin: there’s such a nice energy to the virtual tasting thread… And the Muscadet has been added to my wish list!
Looking forward to joining the fun on the 18th! :+1::wine_glass:


Mrs G has returned from Tripods Are Us and her comments are

  1. the Muscadet is very drinkable and fruity
  2. the red is warming but not one she would chose to have again
    Straight to the point as usual :flushed: I knew she would have an opinion


Ha… Don’t believe everything they tell you… Champagne DOES NOT imho have an Atlantic influence… But for the exam it DOES, oh and also for the exam PG is both a red wine and white wine grape :scream: (We all know its pink!)….
Good luck, its pretty pedantic but interesting and not all their facts are correct but I am’ now considering the Italian wine scholar…:joy:


Interesting postscript to last night’s tasting. Afterwards, I took the white to Mrs. Steve. I have mentioned before in the forum that she is an anosmic, and has to be very much on the extremes of the ‘like it/hate it’ spectrum. Her comment: “This is the best white wine I have had for a very long time”