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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



Very easy to make! Most supermarkets sell venison sausages too. And they are so much more flavoursome than usual pork sausages. I’m getting hungry all over again… :grimacing:


Well, I don’t know about you but I’m a nervous wreck now. Thank goodness for such a lovely wine tasting to distract us!!

Okay, I’ll start rounding things up, shall I?

Shall we have a poll to see which one pipped it for us?

  • Gruner Veltliner
  • Valpolicella Ripasso

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Time to wrap up the “tasting” - and get on with drinking :slight_smile:


I suppose we should have arranged another wine for extra time … :wink:


Extra time. Hopefully those Croatians tire


Yes, 8/10 for the GV and 9/10 for the Valpollicella - both delicious and great value. The GV was much more than I expected while I have enjoyed the Italian previously.


Patxarana for me!!! :heart_eyes:


Looks like the wine vote is as close as the match :wink:


Something Croatian?!


@laura would be interested to know the geographical distribution of tonight’s tasters!


It’s getting hot so back to the white


This is what we call in the counselling world a “parallel process”… ouch!


In Plymouth, but live Yorkshire


Hertfordshire and Shropshire, for starters … :wink:


Brighton… need I say more?! :wink:


Nottingham but originally from Scotland (Glasgow and Fife) and have also lived in South Australia for a while . . .


Northumbrian but live in Aberdeen


South East London. With a view of the Thames


ooh, where? I’m SE23


Newcastle-upon-Tyne but Irish :four_leaf_clover: