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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



North Oxford here


SE17 Surrey Quays


Ooh, interesting! Well, I was about to do a poll, but looks like you have your answers here!

For us, we’re in sunny Stevenage in Hertfordshire. :slight_smile:


Behind a sofa, Hertford


West London — Fulham here (had to pad that out to meet the minimum character count…)


First wine tasting. Loved the interesting comments. Glasgow


Welcome, @Graeme! We’re normally a lot livelier but I think we’re all a bit distracted for some reason… :smile:

Thanks for an amazing tasting, everyone! You’ve helped keep a very nervous woman a little calmer. Hope you’ve all had fun?!


Apparently “this tournament can change lives”… don’t you hate it when commentators go a bit over the top?.. Change lives?.. really?!


Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Great wines, super tasting… 'til next time…


Judging by the tension in the room at mine, we’re currently feeling it could end ours… :see_no_evil:


Your company and these lovely wines have been a fantastic tonic for my anxiety!! Thank you so much to all who took part and who’ve shared such great insights, food and wit throughout! :slight_smile:


Distracted by round ball. See you next time!


Thank you @laura for being the genial host. Geography is interesting.
So good night to all from Ludlow, Shropshire.


A thoroughly enjoyable experience… as always! And I must confess, I thought there would be much less posting than usual, but this was as lovely and lively as usual! Thank you all… :smiley:


Cumbrian living in Southampton. Currently on the sofa but considering the way I used to watch Dr Who when little: hand in front of eyes watching through small cracks. Please can someone brain Glenn Hddle and put him out of action…pretty please.


You’re so welcome, it’s been a true pleasure to see so many people turn out despite the obvious distraction - what a wonderful wine-loving bunch you all are! :smiley:


Yes thanks everyone. Multitasking is not my greatest strength but enjoyed the distraction :+1:


Thanks all, really enjoyed my first TWSTastes!


Over and out. Multitasking has its limits! ‘See’ you all soon!


Well this says it all, really… :grimacing::crossed_fingers::soccer: