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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



Thanks, enjoyed the tasting but multitasking with football.


I preferred the white but Mrs CC preferred the red.


The Valpolicella is absolutely delicious. Dark chocolate, ripe cherries, hint of lavender, sweet to start with a bitter finish. Good lord. Lovely wine.


The gruner was a great partner for our cheeky barbecue smorgasbord lunch of sweet potato, garlic and herb chicken skewers, halloumi, peppers, courgette and garlic chili prawns. It was big enough to cope with all of that. My wife described it as a dangerous wine she could drink an awful lot of.

Both excellent wines - the valpolicella sneaks it for me!


To resurrect an old thread, finally got round to opening the Gruner tonight. Very impressed with it. Agree with peoples pineapple comments. The merest hint of white pepper for me and then probably because I’m looking for it. Touch of sweetness / lack of definition if I’m being super picky but I’d buy it again without hesitation

Overall we both really enjoyed it. MrsP says 6.5 / 10 and stresses that she thinks that is a good score. I’d go 7 / 10

Will report back on the red…


Ooh yay! Nice to discuss these wines again. Let me know what you think - I believe the poll (above) is still tied at 10 votes each so would be interested to hear which you prefer.

This is probably also a good opportunity to mention we’ll be announcing the next TWS Taste date and wines very soon! :smiley:


Oh wow - I’ve never held such POWER!!! :laughing:


Can we possibly go back to Thursdays @laura


I second this !!


Well it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for :wink:

Finally got round to the Valpolicella and have cast my vote for…

…the RED!

A cracking bargain this one, absolutely loving it. Very solid 8.5 / 10 and that’s not a score I’d dish out easily. Wonderful structure, bursting with flavour yet wonderfully balanced. Agree with the cherry, dried fruit and yes - some fig. Definitely chocolate and bramble in there too

I can see why it’s a champion!