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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



Quite fresh. Got some waxy lemons in there too


Yes citrus, I get lime and it has a bit of body giving it a fuller mouth feel


Slight grapefruit edge?


Glad you got the pineapple. Both me and hubby shouted “pineapple” on first sniff. I have to admit- I’m not getting pear. But maybe it’s due to eating too many unripe ones!! :open_mouth:


Yes. REALLY recognisably GV (gruvee … or groovy baby) nose - something both fruity and restrained about it. Pear I’d say, with some green hints


Getting pear and citrus. Checking pepper grinder to se what white pepper should smell like!


Tut tut… no tasting yet:rofl:


Yep! definitely. Hubby said “smells like a breakfast juice with some spice kick”.


Kinda like grass


Some citrus from me.


Do we pronounce the white “grooner” or “gruner”?


I’ve seen some tasty food matches already, we’ve had a bit of an Austrian/Italian tapas thing - schnitzel, German wurst, plus the proscuitto and parmesan recommended earlier by @DrEm!


ah, but that’s usually black pepper! need to buy those mixed ones to try them separately!


Liking the pepper nose, rounded softness to it, very moreish!


Hello Martin! :blush:


I agree. It’s got a really inviting nose… can we taste now, ma’am?


Definitely pepper, and I’m not just getting citrus but lemon.


Reminds me a bit like a young Semillon


Staying not to far from the red in the Summer as we visit the Italian lakes so we could explore a bit more, the red is complex almost aromatic or is that the barrel? How long should it be kept as seems OK to drink now.


Ahhh, he’s moved that you remembered him! :wink: