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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



Gone back to the white paper and colour test. Slightly pale given what’s on the nose.


Ooh yes @Inbar - let’s have a taste!

What do you all think?


Lemon is of the citrus family, though? Or am I missing something?


Nose: citrus — lemon mostly, plus pith — orange, grapefruit. Pear, ripe apples (yellow rather than tart green). Pepperiness is there too but fairly delicate for me. A tough of something floral/honey-like rounding to off.


works well with peppered mackerel - cuts through the oily richness


I have to say, it’s ‘fattier’ than I expected. In a good way! It’s not exactly ‘creamy’ but it’s not thin, either. Got a lovely mouthfeel, and the spice is balanced with the fresh citrus fruit. I’m getting some sweeter citrus- like an orange or satsuma on the palate too!


Mrs Croquet Chris here: it was lemon rather than any other citrus (i.e. orange or grapefruit)


The tasting sample in the glass had warmed quite a bit, now getting the pineapple. On to taste…


A sweet lemon cordial, very ripe grapefruit with a hint of orange and something else I cant put my finger on.


I’m getting the tropical taste on the palate


Ooh, I think it’s really lovely! Nice gentle spice which blends with the smooth fruit - yeah, really nice texture and enough body to match the sausage and schnitzel!


Got you! :blush::+1:


Living in Cider country, I’m used to the more refined still ciders, and there is a strong apple hint on the first tasting.


I’m really liking this, as I did during the Champs tastings (which I’m lucky enough to attend as the scribe for the offer) - there was a real purple (or white?!) patch of gruners this year and this was one of the stand-outs for me. I could be wrong but think it tastes slightly sweeter than I remember the last couple of vintages being, but that’s no bad thing - arguably amplifies the pineappley quality, but doesn’t lose that trademark pepper-pot twist to the flavour.


Trying with food now!


Totally agree with this


I love how everyone seemed to stop typing just then when we nearly got a goal!! I can’t bear this tension!


This is a lovely example of this grape. I can see why the note says it’s “punching above its weight”. Having tasted quite a few over the years, there’s something fresh, ‘alive’ and yet very balanced about this example. I love the acidity on the finish, and the fruits- although very present, are beautifully restrained. A winner for us!


Mrs CroquetChris: the lemon has morphed into pineapple.


Tense indeed… but quite relieved to be tucked up here with you all and a couple of nice bottles. Sounds a bit like The Purge is going off outside right now… :grimacing: