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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



As usual we had it too cold to start with. Aromas are really appearing now it has warmed up a bit.


Do as I do - and don’t look!!! What I can’t see can’t hurt me :wink:


I’m enjoying the fact that it is recognisably Gruner, with that pepper and slightly green tropical fruit notes, but yet the ripeness makes it rounded and juicy. Very, very drinkable


I agree. The pineapple is really present for me- both on the nose and on the palate… but very delicate, all the same. Nothing “in your face” about this wine!


OMG @Winerack144 - that looks IMMENSE! :heart_eyes: What’s in the bowl with the green beans?


This is really juicy, I poured it a half hour ago to ensure the flavours could come through and it was worth it. Very pleasurable drinking.


Palate: dry, high acidity (nice!), body pushing med-high (as I’d expect from a good grower/producer). Pear, touch of grapefruit, lemon, that slight bitterness of the orange/grapefuit pith comes through too, and yes @Inbar, I get something satsuma/tangerine-like as well — a sweet yet bitter juicy citrus. The white-pepper smell turns into a rocket leaf gently tickling the tongue. Definite flavours of ripe stone fruit too — peach maybe?

Quite a lot going on there!


great note! SO nice to see all of our thoughts in one post


Stuffed Portobello mushrooms. Really yummy


Agree with @inbar about the acidity on the finish. I am doing’slurp and spit’ at the moment, and that acidity lingers and changes character. Starts off a bit ‘sherbet’ must mellows beautifully to a spiced lemon.


No, I definitely didn’t get that on the nose! :wink:


Right, let’s start rounding up final thoughts on the white - has it surprised you? Marks out of 10? Is it a champion to you?!


Actually just drinking some now!!


I would say 8/10
I really enjoyed this wine. Plenty of flavour and good value


I like it. Nice and fruity with a slight after taste


For me it’s 9/10 - it’s got everything I like about a Gruner- good nose, with that distinct white pepper, but a round palate- quite rich, but restrained at the same time. I think it’s a well balanced wine, and at just over £8 is quite a bargain. I hope more people can get into Gruner- there’s so much to love and appreciate about it. Well done, Fritz!! :grin::ok_hand:


Hmmm, I like this, however its not the most complex Gruner Ive ever had . While its enjoyable it doesn’t blow my socks off but for £8.25 pretty good :wink:


It’s very nice, refreshing yet, with body, so much going on in the mouth too. Love that peppered nose.


For me it is an 8/10. Nice finish, refreshing and good value


Third vintage of this wine - and the best so far. Extra gulps being taken to stop me screaming for a red card for Lovren.