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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



Never having had a Gruner before - pleasantly surprised and impressed; 8/10.


I really like it. Great everyday drinking. 9/10


Anyone else just swear at the TV?! That was a close one!!!

That’s essentially my note too - although I did really like it and would definitely give 8/10. But it’s made me really want to explore GVs and try some fine-wine examples!!


Do we use all numbers on the scale from 1-10 here, or is it one of those typical wine scales that starts half way through?


Superb quaffer for the price. Exactly what I’d want from the “Society” badge and a future staple in this household as I’ve spent 50-100% more on other versions from supermarkets for much less quality in the glass.

Love it


9/10. Easy going, very drinkable yet complex wine. As I’m not eating with this, my mouth feels like it’s had a major exposure to a fruit bowl, including apple . Suggest Howgate Wonder.


I agree, @leah! It’s not a complex example- and I think Gruner that has been aged can offer much more complexity and layers of flavour; but there’s something so reassuring about drinking an £8 wine that tastes so good, and works so well with food too! :smiley:


oh oh - oh dear … minor spillage (into the goal)


Right, STUPID FOOTBALL so let’s move onto the red quick! Grab yourselves a glass of Valpolicella!!!



Oh no
The wine has lost its appeal :scream:


Mrs CroquetChris: goes well with cheddar


Let’s do this properly … and quickly.

Why not sniff, slurp and swallow the Red and share your thoughts all together (or we might get too distracted) :slight_smile:


Water and cracker first @laura.


Nose… Christmas pudding spice, raisins, prunes and figs…! LOTS of figs.
And…… burnt caramel


Love the nose on this Valpolicella! I’m getting some bramble, damson (or is this too farty a note?), black pepper? A bit of cough mixture too!


That’s a powerful red, got body and length. Nice barrel dryness just waiting for the cheese.


I’m getting sour cherry chocolate raisin blackberry and a little graphite


Oh yes!.. figs! And it also reminds me of the smell of Silan (date syrup) which we use a lot in the Middle East. Yum!


Slow down!! Just finished tasting the GV - Excellent wine - fuller than expected and less sharp. Delicious and well deserved champion. Now for the red…