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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



Good substitution :+1:


Okay, I’m sniffing the wine so I don’t keep screaming at the telly - I think it’s got lovely spice and warmth and perfumed fruit - definitely cherry!

Ooh, great shout about figs, guys!


Lovely rich mature colour against the paper. Nose: slow to reveal but certainly dates, and a dark spicy something hanging about!


I like the ‘earthy’ notes too. Makes me want to hug something… a tree, perhaps! :deciduous_tree:


Dried fruit on the nose, definitely. Great aroma - still sniffing…


That’s it!! Damp beech forest.


Appearance: decent intensity (med-high), lovely rich ruby.

Nose: quite intense, plummy (like plums/damsons baked in vanilla), dates, hint of prune, cherries & kirsch, almost a rum-and-raisin feel to it. Touch of cinnamon?


I get black cherries on the nose, with a definite hint of liquorice plus some figgy & leafy notes too.

On the palate it is surprisingly silky and rich, some black liquorice again with some ripe blackberry and cherry fruit.

There’s a hint of bitterness to the fruit - is that an Italian trademark? - but this adds complexity to the taste.


Totally agree! I just mentioned ‘Silan’ (date syrup)- it really smells like it! Got to have a crumpet and Silan when this is all over!!!


Let’s get tasting because let’s face it we could all do with a sip of wine to calm the nerves…


We love the red but Glenn Hoddle is making us nervous!


With my porridge tomorrow


Fig, bramble, raspberry and spice


Will keep reading but sorry I’m out , boys not well . Enjoy the rest :wink:


Good on the palate too! Dry, with a really pleasing acidity, tannins are smooth; getting black cherry and bramble, with a kick of clove… Yum! :heart_eyes:


Cedar, woody, hot wet tarmac, black fruits, Christmas candles


Hope he feels better
I’m feeling a bit dodgy watching the game


Fruity And smooth. Went well earlier with a minted lamb burger.


Hope he gets better, @Leah! Nothing sadder than an unwell child. I use to get ill with my girl in solidarity… couldn’t bare it when she was unwell… Hope you get some rest too…


Cinnamon, wild bilberry, quite a bit of cherry