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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



Yes! like the baked fruit in vanilla idea - also cherries and rum perhaps? More fruity, but still dark rum spice too…


Typical of the corvina grape and therefore Valpolicella in general. Amaro means bitter, as in amarone.


Despite, or perhaps because of, my current state (which could diplomatically be called ‘a tad tense’), I’m enjoying this! This was a star of one of our two ‘Mediterranean Reds’ tastings. They’re always the sessions I find the most difficult, as there are so many different styles on the tasting table, but this one really leapt from the crowd. And it’s always great seeing a Society label come out from behind a winning bottle bag after the tasting!


Hope all turns out well. Noting beats a good ‘mummy cuddle’


Aww, of course - hope he gets well soon, @Leah! :frowning:

I’m loving the cedar (unexpected) and rich dark fruit. Black cherry? I love it. Really lovely with some parmesan and Proscuitto too!!


Yes very smooth a little alcohol burn in the finish but doesn’t detach, figs and prune, with the cherry and liquorice. Integrated medium ripe tannins


For me, it’s such an amazing value for money red! It really wowed us the first time we tried it, and no different today! If tasted blind I would think it is a much more expensive wine!


Yes re Parmesan! Really wish I had some hard cheese now (not a euphemism for ‘I wish we were playing Switzerland right now instead’ :sweat:)


It’s that luscious Amarone treatment.


Hitting the cheese board now. Ripasso is delicious, so rich and warming. Cherry, liquorice and cloves


Palate: dry but those baked/dried fruit notes give a great impression of sweetness; acidity is med-high, tannins are med-high but mostly smooth (but with enough grip to know they are there — though a touch of something bitter there?). Flavours largely follow the nose — fairly intense ripe & baked plum & cherry, that rum-&-raisin—like dried fruit & spice — cinnamon, clove. Pretty long finish, too.


Does not linger long, but what remains is certainly liquorice. I feel the alcohol is well balanced within the overall structure. Significant ‘church windows’ on the glass though.


We tasted this and then decanted it through an aerator - tasted better before we did that! Decanting usually helps - what went wrong on this occasion?


It really takes it to another level, adding richness and - dare I say it- sophistication! :smiley:


England playing a little like they’ve had a tad too much ripasso right now …


I fear we’ve lost a few tasters to the tension!!! Let’s distract ourselves with saying what we think - are we giving this marks out of 10 too? Is this more of a food hero or the gruner? I’m desperately trying not to watch the TV!


Yes black cherries!


Yes, agree! The finish is is quite long, and the tingle of the spices is moreish! :yum:


I don’t know what to eat with this — suggestions please?!


Goes well with cheddar.