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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



This is really nice, rounded yet grippy, iron fist in a velvet glove stuff. Lovely long aftertaste, loads of dark fruity richness, delicious.


Just having some strawberries with the red - nice. No extras just strawberries. Good match for me.


I’m loving it with cheese and charcuterie - reckon it would be a really nice pizza wine too - and maybe an Italian-style stew? Anyone else?


Mrs CroquetChris: good with strong cheddar, not so good with Wensleydale & cranberries, but really not great with stilton.


This is really difficult! They are such different wines! It’s like comparing… erm… apples and oragnes! I’d give the Valpolicella 9/10 also, so this leaves me with a tie… not unlike this game…
I’ll have to have a think in the corner… :thinking:


It’s a solid 8/10


…nor blue shropshire


Agreed it would be great with Pizza.


Again a 9/10. It would best suit lighter food,working well with full blown salad and oily fish. Has the personality to shine through, but would be spoiled and swamped by spicy food.
Excellent value.


Last time we drank it with food, we had it with venison pasta (venison sausages fried and cooked in a tomato sauce with pasta)…


Shropshire Blue is made in Stilton country with added carotene


9/10 for me.
Again a good value wine


For me another solid 8/10. Good quality wine with a smooth, long finish


I’m giving it 9/10 too - slightly edged it over the gruner for me. Love the idea of venison pasta, @inbar!


Had this with chicken & chorizo pasta. Perfick with some spiciness.


Try black pepper on the strawberries.


An alternative to the footie torture, but with no less tension is the Nadal - Del Potro match, now in its 5th set and all equal. Over 4 hours 40mins on court now…

Love the fruity, spice flavours of this Ripasso and the well integrated tannins - perfect with some hard cheese or even by itself.


Or rabbit ragu too


Its working well with goats cheese Brie here. Voting average is 8/10


I’d say 8 for both