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Unknown Cheapies


We are getting into serious amounts here, there is only one way I can compete with you lot and that is change my transport for the next trip and take one of these…


Perfect - 1 each for red, white and rose!


Bit of a problem if you want a more diverse collection though…


Right back to the wine, I had a feeling for no obvious reason, that this one would be decent and purchased three bottles on that hunch.
Had the first one last night and very pleasantly suprised, not as heavy as many Ventoux wines, still dark but not black, not a lot on the nose but fruit, berries came through, in the mouth still berries and very drinkable with a bit of length to it and some spice, now this at around five euros is a bargain, would happily pay more and buy more of this.


Ah! But each tank is compartmented. Looks like 5 on each tank.


I say turn that diverse collection into The Ultimate Blend.


I always comment that they could take a flight home :rofl:


Not entirely fair to compare TWS prices with a supermarket in France.
The UK charges at least £2.50 extra duty per bottle. When the TWS had an outlet in France in Montreuil-sur-mer they were very competitive on price.


Indeed. I am aware of the UK duty hike, I suppose that was my point poorly put. I am not one to have a go at TWS for its prices.


Funnily enough @JamesF, last year, the OH had to go back to work and got the call while we were still in France so I dropped him to Charles de Gaulle, headed to Calais and hit Majestic to “fill” his 100kilo space in the car…:wink:


Second of the cheapie tastings and sadly I only purchased a single bottle of this one, another Ventoux red, the winery TerreVentoux I passed on the way to Fondreche but didn’t have time to stop and taste, and I paid the price.
Anyway this dark coloured wine with a dark cherry rim is all plums and licorice on the nose and in the mouth with very nice spices to give it an edge, this is not over extracted and makes great everyday drinking would have purchased a case of this if I had known, cracking wine.
The price of this one I have just discovered from the bank slip was an incredible 3.99 euros.


Worth a try at £4.31 in my local Tesco this morning.


Fourth of my red cheapies back from France, purchased on the strength of a Wine Spectator 90 point sticker ? it was worth a punt at 4.60 euros in Auchan.
The Languedoc is mostly a mystery to me and I suspect most others, an enormous area with thousands of wineries across the whole spectrum so Les Verrieres from the Montagnac region ment very little as a name in fact nothing, there is no info of grapes involved on the label but a bit of digging this end revealed it is a carignan/grenache/syrah blend and at 13.5% a potential goodie.
And it was , very forest floor berries raspberries on the nose, more berries in the mouth with enough acidity to make this a very good food wine with some length, and another I have a couple more bottles of.
No duds so far just one dubious PN with a strange odour.


We’ve just enjoyed a glass of €5 Muscadet and it was delicious!


Latest in this cheapfest, the Corsican Terra Nostra red, no grape given on label and digging suggested the Sciaccerello as being the culprit, but I could be wrong, nice dark berries on the nose with a little blackcurrant, dark berries in the mouth with a distinct toffee apple background some acidity very pleasant, sadly the wine 'died ’ in the bottom of the first glass, I percevered, as I do, and it strangely improved as the bottle dwindled, of course there could be another explanation for that, but it never regained it’s early promise.
As I have no more bottles of this I cannot tell whether that is a good or bad thing, on the strength of this bottle the first dud albeit with one very nice glassful, the price 4.20 euros.

I shall call it a day on these cheapies as the others I gave away to the nieghbour who kept my pots watered etc in the garden and one other the Beaujolais Villages I am keeping for another day, the whites I will taste when I do the Alsace part of my trip.


TWS listed it as Sangiovese:

But a quick wiki on Nielluccio identifies it as a slightly ambiguous grape:

There is confusion about the grape’s exact origins with some wine experts describing the grape as being indigenous to Corsica[3][4] while other theories report that the grape is of Italian origins and possibly even a genetically identical clone of the Tuscan wine grape Sangiovese that came to Corsica from Genoa.

And even without the duty on it you would appear to have got a good deal; I paid £7.50 for it from TWS in 2017. I found it just a little too acidic for my taste at the time.


Well that didn’t last long, a visit last night and the only red to hand was the Beaujolais Village 2016 so it was opened.
Very little on the label other than bottled for Cyril and Virginie ! and the fact it comes with the appellation controllee protegee which is if I am right the new top tier of appellations.
Rather dark for this type of wine and gives the impression on the nose it is more alcoholic than the 12.5% on the label berries and raspberries dominate, on the palate again dark raspberries, if there is such a thing and a hint of chocolate and licorice with the acidity about right.
This wine with it’s gold medal, why not, was thecheapest of the reds I purchased at 4.20 euros an absolute steal, it rates with the Terra Ventoux and the Languedoc as about equal top wine all would make great everyday drinking and maybe a bit more than that.


AOP has simply replaced AOC… and IGP has replaced VdP

The system is meant to be Europe wide in the next few years

so now its:
Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AoP)
Vin Délimité de Qualité Supérieure (VDQS)
Indication Geographique Protegée (IGP)
Vin de Table (VdT)


And I thought it was only the Germans who simplified things by making them more difficult ! :roll_eyes: