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Vintage 2018 Burgundy EP offers and tastings (non TWS)



This seemed like a good article https://blog.bbr.com/2020/01/10/burgundy-2018-where-to-find-value/


Anyone else going to the Mark Haisma tasting at Vinotheque tomorrow? Mind bogglingly he has sold out of the Syrah Grenache already…



I’ll be going. I think I want to “lone wolf” at the tasting itself, given so much to get around, but up for a debrief to compare notes afterwards if you are?


Sounds good to me. Feel free to say hi if you recognise me. I have sent you a DM with my number.


It’s last years’ wine. Not made in 2018


Would love to hear any tasting impressions if people can be bothered to post them!


That makes sense the. I do have a few of those left


Should be there, assuming bankers lunch doesn’t drag on too long


To help you all out, I actually didn’t love the wines I tasted tonight at L&W. Some good ones, mostly in the reds, but don’t feel you need to buy.

Will see if I have the same view after Stannary tomorrow!


Thoughts on Haisma 2018 from anyone who was there? My job sadly doesn’t permit mid afternoon wine drinking forays…


I thought Mark had done a good job across the board. On the reds I thought that the Pommard and Volnay were the QPR picks and the straight Chassagne-Montrachet on the whites. Also really liked his St Peray and Cornas (but a bias of mine). Not sure what he has left for sale though!!


EP tasting is a strange beast, we were spoilt by 2015, 2016 and 2017 Burgundies being really enjoyable up front. 2018 so far is a different beast, the wines I tasted at the Haisma tasting are much more coiled up and difficult to read. I personally think that the wines were very good across the board, but will require longer cellaring than those other vintages mentioned. I only tried the Mark Haisma and the Le Grappin wines (and three of Jane Eyre’s line up).

I was very impressed with Mark’s whites. The highlights were:

Bogan (a Chardonnay-Aligote blend all Burgundy fruit declassified as Vin de France) - feels like a wonderful summer wine
Meurseault - so rich and great structure
Chassagne 1er Cru - was my favourite

Reds also pretty agreeable, the following stood out:

Pommard 1er Cru - perfect balance of power and elegance, no rustic edge

I did enjoy Le Grappins line up and happy with my mixed cases if white and red. The winner in both colours was the Beaune 1er Cru (Greves for the white and Boucherottes for the red).

Jane Eyre’s Corton Grand Cru was something else. Super concentrated, super attractive.


I was (as documented on another thread) a little tipsy by the time I got to the Haimsa wines. Previous experience is that the Le Grappin whites and Jane Eyre reds are more to my taste. Today’s experience continues with that. I’d definitely echo @szaki1974’s comments that these are not wines for drinking now. Everything (with the possible exception of the Le Grappin SLB and Beaune 1er Cru whites) will definitely need time to develop.

My highlights were the Le Grappin 1er Cru Greves and the Jane Eyre Chassagne Montrachet and Corton Grand Cru.

I am less of a fan of Mark’s (I am aware great) wines personally, hence leaving them until last. The stand outs for me were the Pommard 1er Cru and the Rousanne/Marsanne blend St Peray. I have no idea how much of it was for sale to non-regulars.

I came away with a case of mixed whites from Le Grappin, mixed reds and Chassagne Montrachet cases from Jane Eyre (which is a case more than planned, especially as this years Jane Eyre case includes a bottle of the Corton, and is thus pricier than the previous ones I’ve bought!).


If you are signed up to his newsletter you could get any of the wines in December. It seems quite a few have now sold out… both Chassagnes, Meurseault, Volnay, Pommard and Echezeaux all gone now (even with some being limited to 3 bottles from the outset).


Thanks. Any views on the Bourgogne PN or pssetoutgrains?


The Bourgogne PN was surprisingly tannic, I think it has enough to keep until those tannins soften. I am definitely happy to have it in my mixed case. The Bogan red was good, I preferred the 2017 version.


did someone attend the Lea and Sandeman tasting? Curious about F. Chagnoleau’s wines and Magnien’s Coteaux Bourguignons…

I attended quickly the L&W tasting.
Many whites were ostensibly acidified (Lamy, Moreau, Fontaine Gagnard) so hard to form a good judgement…
I liked Droin’s Chablis and Chavy’s Pulignys, showing fruit, tension and good balance (some minerality! hard to get by with such a solar vintage…). Good showing also for De Montille’s Beaune Premier Cru.

I found the reds were showing a very high level of ripeness, very un-Burgundian by most standards… Grivot’s wines showed well, along with Meo Camuzet. De Montille and Domaine de Bellene also had balanced reds. Taupenot Merme well made as well despite very ripe.


Thanks. Leans me towards the Lafarge for both.


I have sampled the 2015 Santenay Blanc at home yesterday evening and it was very good. So was the Saint Aubain a few weeks ago.


I went to L&S Monday. Of the whites I only tasted the Boudin Chablis which were almost more easy to drink than my 2014s…

All the Magnien wines were showing really well on the night. I found the Faconniers really hard to spit, but both Charles Lea and Jancis reckon there’s at least a decade to go before it enters it’s drinking window. I’ve ordered 6 bottles to go with my 2015s, 16s and 17s.

I’ve also ordered 3 magnums of Lignier-Michelot Chambolle VV on a punt. They were really closed on the night but others with much more experience tasting EP are enthusiastic.