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Wanted: more members' reviews!


That’s not good! I agree that ideally we’d include reviews for past vintages as a useful guide, especially when members have gone to the trouble to leave them.

Let me pass this over to our web team and ask them if there’s an easy fix for this. Thanks for pointing it out!


Having realised that everything I’ve consumed over the last week is still available I’ve decided to go public !

One small thing though, one of the reviews I’d written was lost due to the limited log in period so I had to log back in and write it again. The lost review was better than the second hurried one. Maybe I need to waffle less and be more concise but how long does one have before you’re automatically logged out ?


This has happened to me a couple times, so now I just write the review in my own sweet time on Word, and copy and paste it to the site. It also helps with the inevitable typos!! :tired_face:


" … but how long does one have before you’re automatically logged out ?"

Not long enough apparently!


Sounds like a plan for me !

Mind you, I’d still only see the typos after posting. As for my punctuation, I’d fail the 11+


When you receive your order acknowledgement it offers the download link to tws notes. Why don’t you add a ‘review’ button for each wine next to it? It offers the convenience of not having to find it and prompts the buyer… I must confess i never think to do it!


Hi Laura, in case it helps Koyle Costa Rapel Pinot Noir is another one that used to have reviews, quite a few in fact, but no longer does. I see it’s out of stock now but still …

Oh, just noticed it doesn’t have any alcohol content either but I guess this is just an oversight.

And another Oh! When you look it up it as a bottle it does have reviews (and alcohol). But I bought a case and then it doesn’t have any reviews, at least not in “my wines”. All a bit strange.


Please don’t think “Oh God, him again!”.

I see what seems to be the way of it - reviews of single bottles and reviews written about bottles sold by the case are not shared, even though they are about the same wine. This seems a waste given the desire to have more reviews in general.

Ok, I think I’m done on the subject of reviews now!


No no, all VERY good points! And you’re right, if we’re keen to get as many reviews as possible, it’s definitely worth strengthening our systems to make sure these reviews don’t disappear in certain circumstances. I’m going to pass all this along for you - you never know, there might be an easy fix! :slight_smile:


Yeah. I don’t often drink anything while it’s still in stock, though I have done a few reviews.