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Weekday drinking [16 - 19 March 2020]


It’s all about the chardonnay here … pretty good too :blush:!


Aren’t they the ones making the new Exhibition Sonoma PN?


It is , I’ll be off back to Vons to see if I can pick up one of their PNs to bring back for a comparative tasting :blush::wink:! Least there’s plenty of wine in the supermarkets here and pretty good stuff too .


Will you be swimming back? :slight_smile:


Looks likely at the moment :grimacing::see_no_evil:


Last evening with my Mam tonight before heading home. We are supporting the local restaurant by ordering a meal from their newly introduced home delivery service. Searching her wine stocks I found a Trentham Estate Pinot Noir 2013. I suspect it may be over the hill but we will give it a try.


Last night we had a slow cooked vegetable casserole with this red fruited, rustic red from Turkey:

Quite a fun unoaked food wine. Worth a try at the price.

Tonight this exceptional dry Jurancon with some enchiladas:

Lots of citrus fruit with a honeyed edge. A lot of interest at the price from a great producer.


With the news of the schools in Scotland to close from Friday and maybe not recommence until the Summer I needed a glass of something tonight.


With roast duck, red wine gravy and steamed vegetables…

…light to medium body with savoury red fruits and rosehips on the nose and palate. Acidity seems more pronounced than the last time I drank it a year ago. Best to drink now IMO but still a lovely drop nevertheless.


Strawberry and raspberry summer pudding. Very good indeed.


enjoyed this tonight and it’s soft black fruits but it’s ready defo…


A family-regular dish tonight, tuna bean salad with a favourite dry white. Just had a(nother) visit to the producer, Villiera where we were well received by one of the family - benefits of being a TWS member.


Not usually a wine night, but in the present circumstances …
Lots of kerosene aroma, and lots of lime coming through on the palate. A little sweetness to contrast the acidity. Has definitely improved since I opened a bottle last year sometime, and is now very good.


Opened this tonight as needed a treat after a couple of hellish weeks at work. It’s obviously very drinkable but I’m finding it a little heavy. A little too much sweet stewed plums and vanilla.


Happy to report the wine was lovely! Subtle cherries on nose and taste, smooth and with none of the high acidity associated with younger PN.


A Tale of Two Sauvignons this evening; why open one wine when you can open two? The mood certainly requires some lifting, so we compared two 2018 WS offerings- A Touraine vs Dog Point:

I always enjoy a bit of comparative tasting, if only because it offers an immediate way to home-in on differences, obvious or nuanced. This was great fun; the Dog Point was very pale lemon, almost platinum in the glass; the nose was fresh and clean – with lime, grapefruit and nettles, but the other half detected a bit of pineapple too. It was lovely on the palate: clean as a whistle, citrussy and minerally, with a finish like a cool cucumber. Delightful! :ok_hand:

The Touraine was pale gold in the glass, and surprisingly viscous; The nose was rather different, too: more gooseberry, passion fruit and mandarin with a touch of white blossom. A little ‘riper’ than the Dog Point, but perhaps this was the hot 2018 vintage showing off. The same followed on the palate: ripe tropical fruit, married with that SB grassy/gooseberry notes, and a lively citrus zest on the finish.

Both wines were thoroughly enjoyable, but we both had a (slight) preference for the Touraine wine, for its combination of zestiness, grassiness but also ripe fruitiness. Perhaps this choice is our way to lament the fact that we had to cancel our Loire trip in April, but regardless, for £8.95 this is an utterly lovely Sauvignon Blanc.

Happy almost-weekend, all - not that it’ll mean much soon… Hope everyone is keeping sane :clinking_glasses:


Got these two open here

The red was from Waitrose (buy 6, save 25%). Pale and delicate in appearance, light and (red) fruity on the nose, very gluggable and the hint of smoke at the finish rounds it off beautifully.
The white also very enjoyable. Apples, pears & lemons, lush acidity and a lovely, long finish.


Dinner tonight was rib-eye steaks with green French beans and a mushroom cream and garlic sauce accompanied by the following claret. This is a modest but super minor chateau just over the northern border of St-Estèphe. Lovely rich blackcurrant and cigar box flavoured 2012 - a much under regarded vintage for early drinking. This was my penultimate bottle.


Still adjusting to life under the virus and anticipating the shock delights of next week (and the week after and the week after and the week after…) when all four of us will be together (forever) every day all day. :slight_smile:

Opened the Voge Cornas Vieilles Fontaines 2006, one glass for tonight, rest in the eto for the weekend. This wine is just wonderful, may buy some bottles EP from L&W to enjoy in 2032.


Getting better, but i only have two left!

Opened a couple of hours ahead this time and it showed. Smoothed the corners. Needs the decade to settle. Was delicious and rich and seductive, and stood up well to a very peppery Peposo.