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Weekday drinking thread [3-6 June 2019]



Congratulations, @NickP! :tada:
And a bottle befitting of the occasion, too! :+1:


Wow! Great case to be just starting to enjoy.


Thanks @Leah, @Inbar

Yeah, looking back we had the offer accepted in January so it’s taken a while! Moving 2 weeks on Friday so it’s all systems go :slight_smile:


Congratulations and I wish you lots of happiness and lots of excellent bottles of wine in your new home!


Snap! That Friday is the same day that we’ll be doing our final pack up and move to Sweden. Congrats on the house sale, and best wishes for the move.

I shall raise a glass and toast new beginnings all round!


And to repeat the same wishes to your good self @Alchemist!

Congratulations and I wish you lots of happiness and lots of excellent bottles of wine in your new home!


Congratulations and all the very best to those of you on the move. I hope everything goes smoothly and that you’re soon settled into your new abodes.

Finally made good on the promise to myself to open something from Alsace…

The pic’s a bit out of focus but it’s a sylvaner GC Zotzenberg 2015. Never had a sylvaner GC before. Unsurprisingly it’s richer and more complex than the norm but still very well balanced, it deserves its status. Orchard fruits, earthy spice and a touch of honey with good length of flavour. It accompanied a pork chop rather well.

And with yoghurt and lemon marinated chicken thighs with a lemon pepper crust…

Brisk and bracing, orchard fruits once again, lemons and lime too, some mineral salinity, this is a style of wine I’m rather partial to. A lazy comparison would be somewhere between a very good Soave and a Rias Baixas albarino. And a perfect match for the food.

Edit - it’s a keknyelu from Hungary.


Good to see some love for the Samos Anthemis ( my go to sweetie for the last few months, although I don’t suppose I should be drinking it fridge cold ! )


Not many of them around - Zotzenberg is the only GC where sylvaner can be grown and labelled as such. We like that Boeckel one, too, and 2015 was a ripe year.


Best wishes to the movers and lots of happiness and wine in your new homes! We are giving the vino a rest tonight- trying to have an alcohol free day on holiday is tough! Anyway we found Festillant on sale in the local Super U and have a bottle of the rose lined up. Have been keen to try this stuff as it gets decent reviews but couldn’t bring myself to take up room in a TWS order. Let’s see and taste later this evening.


The husband is having yet another gathering of home-brewers, and there are strange smells all round. So me and the girl are going to take refuge in a local Italian - hopefully there will be some decent wine.

To start the evening, though… an Italian from Australia:

If you like Arneis- give this one a go! It’s really lovely! Peachy and floral, with a good amount of acidity to balance. Makes for a charming aperitif, though would work well with fish or chicken too, I’m sure! :+1:


I find it’s a great way to make the average price per bottle a bit less eye-popping :open_mouth:


Such a beautiful label to close the midweek drinking. Also a gorgeous Bandol Blanc inside the bottle.

Will keep the other two bottles for a few more years… would not hesitate to pick up a case of this if it was available… Clairette and Bourboulenc are the unsung heroes of the south of France for me. With a splash of Ugni Blanc here…


So gutted i missed that one!


Had this last night with sweet chilli duck legs…


To my tastes, this typified what ‘garrigue’ is all about.
Cool mountain herbs, earthy, complex and at this stage of its life, well integrated. Loved it!


Thanks for the house move wishes, all

I’m already looking for a new wine cabinet to befit the front room :slight_smile:

Looks like some lovely wine going down this week all round!!


And our best non alcoholic wine experience to date. Not that it had much to live up to. Anyway apart from being devilishly hard to get in to it is very drinkable. Apples, a hint of sweetness but not too much, and good acidity.


Me too … :frowning:


Opened a Guigal CDR 2012 and I’m quite startled by the colour - so bright and clear. And great legs too. Wondering if it’s the wine, or if I’ve just cleaned the glasses much better than usual! I know it probably seems a bit unseasonal, but just found a lot of beetroot which needs eating, and I think it will be a good match. In any case the wine is very good; about to test the pairing, and expecting success!



Some 2015 Rasteau picked up in Lidl at £8.99. 90 Parker Points. Not bad, but a tad over alcoholic for my taste. Perfectly ok, but a score of 90 is certainly over-generous.