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Weekday drinking thread [3rd - 6th December 2018]


Lunch out with friends at a restaurant with no licence (they used to have…). However, they knew that and brought two rather nice bottles (WS members too) which us two non drivers had most of…


with smoked mackerel pate and breaded squat lobster tails. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bottle with so many labels on it. I tasted it blind and thought it was a rather swish Pouilly Fuisse but a bit drier. It was pretty dry but with a lovely texture and very fresh on the palate. Didn’t come across as New World at all.

We had some of it left for main courses of scallops with a dill and smoked salmon sauce, and smoked haddock gratin (you may have worked out this was a fish restaurant). As our friends had brought a red too, it would have been rude not to try it…

2012 vintage - not a great one in Bordeaux but this was really lovely and went remarkably well with the scallops, probably because it had sweet fruit and hardly any tannin. It’s not for keeping long but a really enjoyable wine, which we had another glass of with cheese. We showed some restraint by not finishing it…

All of which may explain why I was posted missing from the tasting tonight, plus the fact that my wine delivery won’t now arrive until 17th December, which was due to my Alsace wine disappearing into the ether somewhere en route to reserves…now found fortunately with the assistance of Lauren in Customer Services, many thanks to her. Sounds like I missed quite a good tasting night…


I drank the Coop Champagne Les Poinniers NV last night on @Taffy-on-Tour recommendation.

I bought four for new year and thus paid £16 each. It’s a steal. It’s everything I think NV should be. Nice bit of toasty nose, lots of bubbles. Very clean and precise palate with no sour or off notes, balanced and persistent.

I’d still buy it at the normal price of £19 ish.


Well done Sir!!:drooling_face:
I took my own advice, and raised the stakes to 7 No Trumps!
I spotted a vintage 2008 iteration Pionniers of this Champagne and bought the lot.
Sadly, at least in my Co-op Superstore, they have now moved onto the 2012.
So if you can find this Vintage 2008 at £25.99 you will have done well and Bacchus is obviously smiling on you.
Be fair, £25.99 for a bottle of Vintage Piper Heidsieck 2008, (Les Pionniers alter ego) has got to be legalised robbery!!
And today is a big day for me, a mixed case of The Societies Exhibition Hermitage 2005 (6 bottles) and 6 bottles of the Fevre Montmains 2014 are on a FedEx van due for delivery this afternoon. This is like Christmas morning for me!!:drooling_face::grinning: