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Weekday drinking thread [4th -7th Feb 2019]


I found it quite restrained and almost claret like in structure with a balanced ripeness


Opened up a critter wine for something to sip at the chopping board:



Not bad for a tanker wine at an almost-impossible price. Savoury, dark-fruited nose at first but it quickly becomes polo mints and pretty much stays that way. Bit flat on the palate but it doesn’t have the tongue-coating sugary bleagh that you often get at this level, and it’s all the better for it :+1:


Burlotto Pelaverga 2016, it seems this is my eighth of the case already. I absolutely love this wine and think it even better in 2016 than the fantastic 2015.


Not supposed to be drinking today, but we couldn’t resist having a small glass of this wonderful Manzanilla. Half the bottle is gone now…


I have been dry for a week, which makes me feel like a crazy horse…

From Waitrose


2012 Escherndorfer Lump Scheurebe Spatlese Trocken.

A rare non W/S wine for me. Really stunning from a great Frankonian vineyard. Never had a mature scheurebe before. The wine’s nose reminds me of a mature riesling, with some honeyed notes, and kerosene. Good length, finishes dry, but clearly has late harvest richness. From Bristol’s Cork’s of Cotham and imported by Bristol based Helmut Mack.

Lovely wine looking forward to the Sylvaner from the same year and vineyard.


That makes me look forward to the Witsching mixed cases in my reserves.


Just to show that despite my affection for Riesling not all turns out as it should, this is the second bottle of this I have opened, 1997 Dönnhoff Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel

Like the first lacks the depth and complexity of an Auslese of that age, especially a Goldkapsel wine, decent enough drink but nothing memorable, still quite pale for 22 years, maybe this is one of those that should have been drunk young, '97 produced some good Rieslings so the vintage is not the problem, waiting to long in this case may have been.