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Weekday Drinking Thread [5-8 November 2018]



I opened this back on Saturady:

and said at the time how impressed I was with it, especially for the price. Well I finished it tonight and I really feel it was every bit as good if not better five days after opening, which is pretty impressive at that price. Definitely a future every day wine.

I fancy some Spanish next and will be opening a bottle of the ever reliable:

to have with some cheese and biscuits. :smiley:


It might be 14 years old but there is still a lot of fruit to be had with the Madiran. Ripe, sweet blackberries and cherry, nicely balanced oak, the tannins haven’t completely faded yet so it might last a while yet. Really good.

Mrs Bob can’t drink red since baby 2 for some reason and didn’t like it at all. I think the tannins are too much for her. She had a sip and said it felt like old horror movies where a vampire dries out and turns to dust after exposure to the sun.

So that’s a ‘no’, I think…


That sucks, but I hope you enjoy the Edelzwicker - I had an earlier vintage earlier this year and loved it. As for Netflix, we’ve been enjoying ‘The Good Place’ recently :ok_hand:


Cullen’s top dogs (Diana Madeline, Vanya ($500 btw!!) & Kevin John chardonnay) are as good as any winery in the world and are in super form.
But agreed, the lower bracket doesn’t excite much except perhaps the Mangan, a merlot, malbec, pv blend which is not bad.


Would you be kind enough to post here how this wine tasted like? I got a bottle delivered yesterday. Have read good things about this Cuvee. Thanks :smiley:


Check out @Bargainbob thoughts here:slight_smile:


And on glass 2 and a bit, the tannins have noticeably softened. Very rich. Bit spicy. A classic winter warmer!


I do like a good Madiran. They often seem to be flying under the radar - but when their tannins are softened I think they make excellent food wines with lots of character and structure. Your example sounds great - will definitely add it to the wishlist!

Have you tried this Tannat from M&S?

It’s a cracking example of the grape, and is already approachable despite being fairly young. :+1:


I’m not familiar with that one actually, in fact I’m not sure I’ve had a Uruguayan tannat yet. I toyed with ordering one from the Society in the past but never got round to ordering it. I’ll keep an eye out next time I’m in M&S!


Trip up to Nottingham today with colleagues, and brought a couple of bottles to share on the train back:

Delightfully soft, round and sophisticated. Nods all round to what a lovely wine this is.

Followed by another bottle of the Aalto I had on the weekend.

This is younger, firmer, fuller - bundles of fruit and spice and much more powerful stuff. It drew immediate appreciative “oohs” and “aahs” and folk reaching for their phones to take a snap of the label for reference.

They both made the journey back down to London far more bearable. A delightful conclusion to a long day!


Included a bottle of this in an order earlier this week. Sounds like a good choice!

Good luck re the job interview also.


Enjoying this tonight

and it’s lovely. Cherries & blackcurrants alongside a little smokiness and leather. Quite a long finish also. Great with a simple bowl of Spag Bol and by itself. Happy Wednesday!


After discussion of Javier Revert wine maker at https://www.thewinesociety.com/searchProducts.aspx?q=Roure&hPP=15&idx=productsr

listed by TWS I opened this wonderful white today.
Its complex and full, long and complete. Not sure what the tastes are. But it like burgundy but also acidic like a Loire.

Just lovely stuff.

If he’s red is as good you should all be buying it.


@Cormski I want my next train journey to be with you!!


It was a little strange. On opening it (screwcap) the inner plastic disc had become detached from the metal lid top, and was stuck to the aperture of the bottle, before popping off on its own, spilling some wine, so there was a build up of pressure.

There was a slight but noticeable fizz on the tip of the tongue which I wasn’t expecting. By design? Secondary fermentation?

Quite rich, and good acidity which went well enough with the chicken casserole. Would I buy again? Probably not, as I have had other Chardonnay I prefer, but it was good to try it, and l don’t think it was the best example what with the unexpected fizz present, maybe it was a dud? Still drinkable, but a bit odd!


Tried this when first announced and since, found there is quite a bit of bottle variation from very good to bland and the latest vintage is not as good as the first, in my opinion.


Interesting regarding bottle variation! I wonder if it’s sometimes due to faulty storage conditions by M&S?
I only had the 2015 vintage twice- so got no other vintages to compare to, but both times I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was excellent value for money.


My standby white this week has been an SB from Corbieres and very sippable and/or gluggable it is too. Not a Jonah Lomu (rip) of a SB…more under control the those which feel like you have tripped up in the garden and landed with one side of your face in the gooseberry patch and the other in a clump of stinging nettles.

My formatting or whatever the process of adding images to posts needs some coaching, possibly I’m not completely at fault coz my IPad is only a 2 and thus very ancient.


Tasting note of the day :rofl::rofl:


How was the Edelzwicker, @Leah? I’m yet to try it!
Hope Mr Leah gets home soon!