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Weekday Drinking Thread [5-8 November 2018]



Very interesting Chris. Mine was fine with no faults as far as I could detect. I’ll be trying their more upmarket ones in due course - especially after Jancis waxed lyrical about them all recently.


I wonder if this was just residual carbon dioxide as many producers now bottle with some CO2 (as it give some oxidation protection allowing a dialling back of the sulphur levels somewhat). In most cases this seems to abate as a recognisable character but maybe the seal was really tight given that the liner stayed on the bottle rather than coming away with the cap as is more usual.


Since that was the star wine of the lunch it makes the Greywacke wild sauvignon a star too.


Definitely one of the Star buys from Alsace tasting. Intense array of flavours from the blend. Huge value for money.


Ha ha! Yes, there were definite similarities - though I think the Rotgipfler is a tad more complex and layered. Still, there was something savoury and slightly ‘wild’ about both - I think that particular Rotgipfler was also fermented using wild yeast.


Potensac 08
Always excellent value, but seriously £7. Today’s retail £25+.
Need to check the cellar, sure I have some 08 somewhere.


This for me on a Tuesday night which was a bit of a beast for a midweek wine.
Loads of chocolate and a touch of balsamic. Quite enjoyed it and have 1 left. Will open that one on a weekend so not so fuzzy at work the next day.


Thank you, yes, that is a possibility isn’t it. It reminded me of a plastic milk carton, having removed the cap, I was left with a white seal, though not for long as it flew off with a pop. Kiwi Champagne?! :joy:


Maybe a one off then. I also have a bottle of their more upmarket Chardonnay to try, which I was given as a gift, so we’ll have to compare notes on that too!


A rather fine fish called, so we opened a bottle of this:-

Very good - not really as Meursault-ey as the note suggests, which actually turned out to be a good thing. This was one of those lines which comes and goes in short order - it cost £13.50 a few years back.

Also this -

Bought on the home run at the last French hypermarket before the channel. Cost €9.50 (how could I resist!). So what is it like? - It tastes like a €9.50 port, so not exactly a bargain, but I got what I paid for, cheapskate that I am. By the way Valadao is a Symington group label.


I know, it’s crazy. They must have really needed the shelf space. Can’t remember the exact original price under the clearance sticker but I looked at the time and I think it was about £20, or just under.


Have found a bottle :blush:
Should be good with Roast Beef on Sunday


The other half is having one of his ‘brothers-in-brewing’ gatherings this evening, which is basically him and a few other mates extolling the virtues of their home-brews all evening, and him forcing them to listen to Captain Beefheart, being a captive audience! Methinks they will open this beer finally (it’s been sitting in the wine rack, waiting for the right moment):

Had to copy and paste it from an old post, as there is no trace of it on the website now that’s it’s sold out, but can’t even view it in ‘My wines’ for some reason. Anyway - hope they will enjoy. I might try a bit.

I’m going to take the girl to a Sixth Form College open evening (how did that happen?!! :scream:), so will be eating rather late. Thinking of opening this German Riesling from Aldi:

I’ll see what the mood dictates! :thinking:


Family visiting tonight and we’ll be celebrating some recent good job news so will be kicking off with this…

If it drinks well tonight then the special offer on 6 bottles could be on the cards for Christmas.

Talking of Christmas, this was going to be my Christmas lunch white, but will be making an early appearance now…

This stood out as the wine of the day for me at the recent Christmas press tasting.


Aldi just opened a branch opposite our local Sainsbury’s. Wandered round for neighbours wine tasting and came out with Pinot Gris from Gisborne (much ignored source of some really good wine, Millton leading the way). Astonishingly good for £5.79. bugger all information about source/producer.

Plus a Primitivo/ Zinfandel Grand Alberone to feature in Christmas wines tasting next week.



bacon and eggs for quick lunch as on grand parenting duty tonight.

This 2010 Chianti was screaming at me from the cellar’s Italian rack. Just a quick glass and look forward to finishing with spag bol tomorrow when it’s opened up a bit more.


Congratulations! Would I be right to think you work in science or have I put 2 and 2 together to make 5…?


I think I know which PG you mean - is it called Freeman Bay? If so, it’s rather good for the price. Not an overly interesting example of this grape from NZ, but certainly very good value for money - and I seem to remember it had a very pleasant, and rather long finish.
The Grand Albarone I wrote about only a couple weeks ago - I can’t quite make my mind up about it. It’s fruity, delicious and easy to like, but it’s got 15g/l residual sugar, and finishing the bottle was a bit like finishing a huge slice of chocolate cake - it was fairly heavy and sickly by the end. Still! It’s got its fans, for sure- so wonder what your tasters will think.


Thank you - yes, I do. Not a million miles from the showroom in Stevenage if that helps you narrow it down! :wink: As a chemist by training it means I can get terribly geeky about wine sometimes.

That makes you a mathematician … right? :rofl:


A little more grounded in reality than Alchemy! :wink: