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Weekday Drinking Thread [5-8 November 2018]



Isn’t that what ‘alchemy’ is supposed to do :wink: ?


and for Jancis Robinson, too…


Ah yes, I used to work there myself and more recently have visited on quite a regular basis. We probably know a few people in common!

I love a good geeky scientific viewpoint on wine, or anything else for that matter!


Braised beef and dumplings this evening with this for me.


This for me tonight.
Spicy, structured, core of black fruits - yep agree, not overblown one bit (13.2%). Northern Rhone-esque but very much it’s own identity. Like!


Anyone had this? TWS don’t seem to stock it.

7 years old now so nicely aged. Touch of sweetness to go with my stir fry veg.


Wow… just wow :face_vomiting:
I see you’re also having it with Calpol in the background. This has been a constant in our household for the last 2 weeks.


It might improve it :rofl:

Vaccination time… I think I got the short straw :joy:


@Inbar, the Edelzwicker is great value for money and is full of those beautiful Alsace aromatics you like . I don think you would disappointed with this. I buy this repeatedly and at £8.50 it’s a true bargain. Mr.Leah is currently enroute :slight_smile:️.


I intrigued by your stir fry and what’s in it. Looks like maybe squash, spinach, red cabbage maybe? Looks good! Are you a veggie as well, I seem to recall seeing comments along those lines elsewhere?

My discipline is going out of the window; heavy day at work and the Anayon is just so good I have to have a second glass :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am home alone for a couple of nights so working slowly through this:

It’s great because there is enough tannin and weight to open, pour a glass, recork, have another glass night 2, decant to a half bottle for night 3, and all the while it evolves nicely. It’s not totally typical CR because of the lack of Viognier but really lovely northern Rhone with some complex savoury notes and lots of length and blackcurrant primary flavours.


Start of the wine weekend for me and just opened an old favourite

No wine since last Sunday so tasting extra nice and listening to the new (but extremely short) Dead Can Dance cd - bliss!


…but will there be any Edelzwicker left for him…? Doesn’t sound like it! :slight_smile:


A Waitrose wine tonight for a tenner


No he doesn’t drink white :rofl:.


I had a go at the Zinfandel/Primitivo from Aldi…the cheapest bottle of port produced in Italy. Out of over 130 customer reviews on ly one had anything adverse to say…

★★★★★ 2 out of 5 stars. · 6 months ago
Almost Italian “Port” !
Sweet, sweet and did I say sweet !! Fruity and very alcoholic. Residual sugar 15 gms / litre

✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

They have omitted an addition to the last line which should have read xNo, I do not recommend this product as a table wine.


I think it’s just from a packet to be honest, carrots broccoli red onion cashew cabbage. I’m not a veggie but my wife likes to make at least one day of the week meat free :slight_smile:

And I’ve made it through half the Rosé. Quite the effort. My dentist won’t thank me.


You sick puppy.

Did you age it especially…?



Expert conditions in the window of a London offie.


Is it me or is it a little bit brown?